Technology and social media were created to serve us, improve our lives, and increase our interconnectedness.

Social media also felt like a novelty, and we were all dying to join.

However, social sites that were first designed to improve our lives, quickly became our masters.

When was the last time you went a whole week or even a day without checking your social media?

How does the thought of a social media detox feel?..

Well, if you feel distressed or depressed at the idea of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram vanishing, then you might need a detox.. Below are some mindful benefits to get you started..

Social Media Detox

1. End the comparison cycle

Reality is lost on social media, as people are showcasing the best aspects of themselves over their real selves.

This quickly triggers self-disdain as we second guess our appearance, skill set, and even our personality.

The comparison cycle is supported by scientific research that discovered people who use social media often are likely to compare themselves with others resulting in a negative impact on self-esteem.

A social media detox breaks the comparison cycle and reconnects you with the remarkable things about yourself and in your life.

The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else‘s highlight reel. Steven Furtick quote quotes anxiety stress good enough confidence facebook instagram twitter youtube Social Media Detox: 5 Biggest Benefits of Going Offline

2. Break the narcissistic tendencies

Wait, what? Yes, social media provides the conditions to develop narcissistic behavior, and a social media detox will curtail that affect.

Social sites allow us to self-promote, cultivate a particular image, and present ourselves to other people seeking their approval.

The approval comes in likes and shares on Facebook Reels, upvotes on Reddit, and retweets on Twitter and this reward system leads to a situation where it is all about your satisfaction and gratification.

3. Social media detox will better your mood

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites are a quick way to reconnect with friends and might seem like an excellent way to improve your mood.

However, a recent study revealed that increased social media use resulted in increased depression.

One reason is that we are perusing other’s curated photos and thus we fill inferior in comparison, and the more disconnected we are from the real world.

By and large, if you feel depressed or stressed out, it is high time you cut your social media use. You will feel much happier when you break the cycle.

4. Reconnect with the real world

We need person-to-person contact, and though Facebook preaches increased interconnectedness, in reality, it drives a wedge between people.

People who spend more time online are more likely to have weakened immunity and feel isolated and lonely in the ‘real world.’

Well, the good news is you can improve your mood by going out in public, or meeting like-minded people.

It is also high time to start a social media detox as it allows you to live in the moment, and to free up time to develop new skills or enjoy that hobby you’ve been putting off.

5. A social media detox will protect your privacy

We are social creatures, and there is nothing new to sharing what we do.

However, social media is insidious in that we have lost control over who we share our privacy with..

It might seem inconsequential, someone discovering a few facts about you; but we see the trees and miss sight of the forest, in that someone can create a penetrating profile about us going through the information we put online; thus we are unguarded against manipulation.

The best way to protect your privacy, is to delete your sensitive information and take a social media detox.

Of course, it is not all doom and gloom with social media, but there are instances the cons outweigh the pros, and it is in such cases we encourage a social media detox 🙂



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