The dream symbols we see each night can be of huge signifigance in our lives.

Dreams are often seen as either our brains trying to send us a subconscious message, or a sign from a powerful external force. The meaning of some of the most important dream symbols are listed below..

Being Chased | Dream Symbols

Quite often paired with the feeling of not being able to run away – Meaning you have a major life fear or problem that you are struggling to address.. Generally the best course of action is to tell someone! Even if it’s not normally someone you would speak to about personal problems, another perspective is the key to passing through this gate.

Being Chased By An Animal

Being chased by a predator suggests you’re holding back repressed emotions like fear or aggression.

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Dreams about wearing certain clothing can have different meanings. If in your dream you are shabbily dressed you may feel unattractive or worn out.

Where as wearing something fancy and expensive means your internal ambition in life is not being matched by your external actions towards that end.

Fire | Dream Symbols

Seeing fire means a transformation is coming. Make sure you’re ready!


Whether it’s a river an ocean, noticing water in your dream generally means a cleansing or purification is underway, perhaps you’re way of thinking is evolving, or perhaps you’re distancing yourself from an unhealthy relationship.

Money | Dream Symbols

Dreams about money are telling us we have a limited mindset, as in we don’t believe we can have anything we put our minds to..  With the right mindset, anything is possible!

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Falling in your dreams quite often means you have lost control of your life.. You need to take control back immediately!

Being Naked | Dream Symbols

This usually means you are scared of something or feeling insecure. Nudity may also symbolize a desire for recognition, as in you presented a great project at work and you didn’t receive any plaudits.


Death in your dream symbolizes the ending of something major, or a certain chapter of your life. A new beginning is on the horizon. Dying or the death of someone you know is very symbolic and does not mean a literal death is impending.

Killing | Dream Symbols

Luckily this doesn’t mean you are a closet murderer! rather it symbolizes that you wish to kill part of your own personality, which you cannot control.


Dreams of flying often mean you need to be decisive on a big decision looming in your life.. Pick one option and stick to it.

It may also mean you have a big ambition that seems out of reach, but this is telling you.. You just need to go for it!

Our dreams are trying to express something to us.. If only we can listen. We will better understand our life and our purpose.