If You’re Different – Be Different and Do It With Pride – Inspirational Video

You can NOT be truly successful in life if you are NOT truly yourself. Don’t try and fit in to the world around you – be yourself and allow the right people to fit in to your world.

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Speaker: Tyrone Stokes

Transcript – BE DIFFERENT (Inspiring Speech) – (Motivational Speech)

The truth is, you will never win in life by being someone you are not.

You can not… EVER… live the life of your dreams by settling for someone else’s idea of what you should be doing with your life.

You will never… EVER… be happy if you change who you are to fit in with others.

Until you accept, and embrace who you are – you are destined to live a life at only a mere fraction of your potential.

It is simply impossible to be genuinely happy, when you are not genuinely yourself.
 You must be yourself if you want to experience your true purpose in life.

If you’re different – BE DIFFERENT.
 Be different and DO IT WITH PRIDE.

If someone doesn’t like it…
 If many people don’t like it…
 Who cares.
 Those aren’t the people for you.
 There is BETTER. The RIGHT people will show up when the REAL YOU comes out.

There will always be someone prettier. There will always be someone smarter, stronger, richer, younger. But there will never be another you.

Kurt Cobain once said:
 “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”
 The truth is, you will never be hated by the RIGHT people for being REAL.

Being REAL… being yourself is the greatest filter you could ever use. It instantly filters out all the people that don’t belong with you.
 And at the same time it reveals those who do.

Bob Marley said:
 “The problem is people are being hated when they are real and loved when they are fake”…
 It’s true, but what is missed here is one very important fact…
 The people that are hating people being real are fake people…
 And the people that are loving fake people are the same fake people.

REAL recognises REAL.
 REAL recognises FAKE.
 So who do you want to attract. FAKE people or REAL people?
 Be yourself, and I promise you, eventually you will attract the right people.

Be yourself… no matter what has happened to you… no matter who has hurt you… no matter what you believe… be yourself and be kind to others. If you do that LIFE will turn out far greater than you ever thought possible.

If you don’t… life will be painful. Because living a life with a mask on… you can’t see.
 Living a life trying to fit in… you will never.

Living a life trying to be someone else, so other people will like you… you might fit in on the outside, but inside you’ll never be complete. You’ll never be happy.

Repeat to yourself every day:

I am different… THAT IS WHY I WIN!
I am UNIQUE… and that is why I AM GREAT.
 I’m not like anyone else on this planet.
I am committed to be myself and speak my truth and all times, and I KNOW that is the only time the RIGHT people will show up in my life.
Those who are meant for me, will love and support and be REAL with the REAL ME.
I’m done with FAKE people, and that includes a fake version of me.
I will stand tall and stand strong in my purpose, in everything that matters to me.
I’m different… THAT IS WHY I WIN!

be different

I am different... THAT IS WHY I WIN!

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