The power of positivity can really be viewed as our very own super-power.

That can be used for a greater purpose at any moment.  Just as any good super-hero would do. (Right?)

It’s no secret that being around people with positive energy and attitudes are more pleasurable to be around.  (Likewise, being in the presence of people with negative energy and attitudes is generally NOT beneficial.)

So how can we use this idea to create and sculpt our ideal life?

It’s actually simple, though not necessarily always easy.

Power of Positivity: How to Use It to Create the Life You Want

Here’s the thing.  We attract into our lives what we put out there into the universe.

If we want positive experiences and results.. we can embody the power of positivity to make that happen.

A Humorous Example

Here’s a somewhat embarrassing albeit amusing, example of how this can play out..

One morning, I reached on top of our refrigerator to pull down a bag filled with coffee beans.  My daughter was eating breakfast within view.

To my surprise, the bag had not been previously sealed all the way.  So when I pulled it down, I was completely showered with coffee beans.

They spilled everywhere throughout the kitchen, as well as stuck in my glasses, in my ears, and in my hair.

I was mortified, as we were getting ready and I was trying to get my daughter off to school (on time.. that was the goal anyway).

So in that moment, I had two choices.  I could get completely stressed out and upset, which would have negative effects on my mood (and my daughter’s).

Or, I could laugh hysterically and embrace the humor of the situation.. which is exactly what I did.  It was hilarious.

That single choice in that very moment was an everyday example of embracing a positive attitude.

We still laugh about the time I had coffee beans in my ear, and my daughter went off to school with a smile and an amusing story to share with friends.

Naturally, we can use the power of positivity in greater ways and with deeper consequences.

We attract into our lives what we put out into the universe. Laura Gemme Quite fearless soul positive Power of Positivity: How to Use It to Create the Life You Want

A Simple Process

The two simplest and most impactful ways of using this “power” are:

  1. Make positive choices when reacting to potentially negative situations or experience, and;
  2. Envision positive outcomes in all areas of your life. This can help to improve not only your attitude and energy, but also your physical health, your emotional well-being, your success in work, and more.

Trust that positive results will come.

Believe a positive outcome to be true (even when it hasn’t happened yet).

By doing these two simple things, you are designing your future and affecting the outcomes.

Simply visualizing positive results in advance is beneficial.  Evoke as much emotion into your visualizations as possible (which activates different areas of the brain).

You don’t want to simply THINK about the outcome you want…you need to EXPERIENCE it on an emotional level to have the greatest impact.

Considering the WHY behind the outcome you want can help you really tap into the emotional energy you’re looking for.

Why do you want a new job?  Wanting a new job is just a thought. The WHY behind the thought is the emotional appeal you want when you’re visualizing positive outcomes.

Is it because with a higher salary, you could provide greater opportunities for your family? Or because your current job is too stressful and you’re seeking a more relaxed, enjoyable work experience?  Perhaps you want a job that is more rewarding and fulfilling?

So…with this overview of the process, how will YOU use the power of positivity (your very own super-power) to create the life you want?



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