Using heartfelt words of appreciation in a unique and genuine way can elevate seemingly mundane interactions and deepen your relationships.

The challenge is often that when we feel the most appreciative, words can escape us.

Knowing just how to express our appreciation most genuinely is not always easy.  As a result, it often doesn’t get expressed at all.

Sometimes it’s just a passing thought that goes unsaid (like when the cashier at the grocery store double-bags a heavy load without asking.  As you envision the bag breaking and groceries spilling everywhere on the way to your car… you’re SO happy he thought to make the extra effort to double-bag them.  Yet you don’t say anything).

Other times, it’s the deeply felt ongoing feelings that don’t end up being shared (like when your significant other or life partner makes an effort to know your creature comforts.  And he or she does special little things each day to make your life more pleasurable).

 Be genuine. Be authentic. Be real. How to Genuinely Express Value with Heartfelt Words of Appreciation


Using words of appreciation in heartfelt ways on a regular basis adds positive energy to the larger universal picture.  So, it not only brightens the days of others — it benefits you, as well.

Feeling appreciation is great – it heightens your energy frequency (which is beneficial in using the Law of Attraction).  But, taking it a step further and EXPRESSING appreciation truly deepens your connections with others.

Healthy and connected relationships are a key to happiness.  Certainly, expressing appreciation (often!) is a simple way to increase positivity in a powerfully contagious way.


When expressing appreciation, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Express your appreciation OFTEN in ongoing relationships.
  • Work on expressing your appreciation on a daily basis during any type of episodic interaction, whenever you’re feeling grateful.
  • Mix it up! Using the same simple “thank you” or “I appreciate that” type of message is GOOD.  Incorporating details about WHY you’re appreciative and finding creative ways to communicate it is even BETTER.  (See below for some examples that can help when you’re looking for ways to express your genuine appreciation.)
  • Incorporate body language (as appropriate) to reinforce your message. Most communication is received with nonverbal cues.  So along with your words, add a smile, a hug or kiss, a touch on the arm, or something that’s in line with your sentiment.  That will create a more compelling message.


Here are some “formulas” you can use in crafting your own unique expressions about how you value someone’s actions, efforts, intentions, presence or being.

“Thank you.  I REALLY appreciate that you _______ (insert an action for which you’re feeling grateful)…it really ______________ (what did it do?  Maybe it brightened your day.  Maybe it relieved some stress. Or made your day easier.  Or just made you happy.  Just add in a bit of detail about WHY you’re appreciative and what it meant to you.)”

“Wow.  That just put a huge smile on my face…I needed that.” (naturally, said with a huge smile)

“My heart feels happier all of a sudden – thank you for ________.” (Insert whatever someone did to make your heart to suddenly feel warm and fuzzy inside.)

“I don’t know where you learned to be so amazing at _____________ – I just want you to know how much I value that about you.”

“I really like (or love) that you _____________. (Insert an action.  Such as “that you thought to compliment my sister when she was clearly feeling a little down on herself.”)  That’s one of the things that makes you uniquely YOU and I appreciate so much.”

“I feel ____________ (Insert a feeling. Maybe safe, protected, connected, blissful, happy, etc.) when I’m with you, and I truly value that feeling.  Thank you.”

Just a simple “I love that! Thank you.” Saying this with a smile is a great quick appreciation phrase that can be used often in an ongoing relationship.  Great for using with a significant other or best friend.


Beyond the sentiments we share with others, it’s also helpful to mention the benefits of practicing words of appreciation with regard to experiences.  Again, this practice raises our energy vibration and enhances our overall positivity mindset.

As an example, I was in a rush the other day driving to an appointment.  As luck would have it, as I’m driving, a gaggle of geese decided it was time to cross the road.  Right then and there.  And S—L—O—W—L—Y.

Rather than feeling frustrated or upset, I smiled.  I genuinely felt grateful for the message I just received.  I needed to slow down and relax.  Message noted (and with humor)!

It’s actually a fun exercise to explore how many experiences in our lives on a day-to-day basis could create a negative response.

Instead, we can choose to re-frame any experience.  We can choose the benefit of feeling true appreciation for SOME aspect of these experiences.

Just remember that each experience may very well be hiding a lesson we need.  Or a message, or reminder, or any number of things.


You can use the phrases above as a springboard for crafting your own unique messages in ways that suit your style.  So, mix up the sentiments, and craft your own.

Along that vein, spend some time thinking about other things you can do and say to express how valuable others are in your life.  (Whether in little ways or big!)

Most importantly, by expressing value with sincere words of appreciation as an ongoing practice, results are transformative and the benefits are heart-warming.



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