To have a healthy self-esteem means having confidence in our abilities; having self respect and really seeing our value as a person. When we have low self esteem our beliefs are the opposite. Low self esteem means that we have a low opinion of ourselves.

Some symptoms of low self esteem may be: Excessive or extreme negative self talk, self sabotaging / making choices against what we actually want, difficulty relating to other people, anxiety or emotional difficulties. The list goes on.

Why Having Low Self Esteem Is Ruining Your Life And How To Change It


It’s obvious that having a low self esteem would make life pretty crappy, but is it really THAT bad? How much does it actually affect your life when your self esteem is low?

“As within so without”.

All great spiritual teachings share the idea that whatever resides within our hearts and minds eventually, in one way or another, shows up in our physical reality. Self esteem is no exception. We may think we are pretty clever at hiding the symptoms, but in reality the effects of low self esteem are likely to be showing up in ways we don’t even realise.

If you think you may be struggling with low self esteem, some questions to ask yourself might be:

How do you feel when someone dislikes something you say or disagrees with you?

What does it look like to you when something in your life doesn’t go the way you planned it?

Do you find communicating your boundaries difficult or overwhelming?

Do you find yourself always putting others first, even to the detriment of your own needs?


“Be disciplined about who you respond or react to. Not everyone deserves your time, energy or attention. ”


When you have low self esteem the tendency is to ALLOW way more of the things that make you feel like shit to come into your life. This is because you don’tbelieve that you deserve any better. People with low self esteem are constantly apologising for their existence, and it’s an absolute tragedy. For some of us, our souls journey places us in the mindset of low self esteem, and we must learn how to overcome it so we can see the truth of who we are.

That truth is that we are all divine beings. We have the power of the sun and the stars within us. We can do or be anything we want, but first we must believe we deserve it. How do we do that?

“You are limitless.”


Self acceptance is the beginning of self esteem. If you feel like you may have low self esteem the first thing you must do is accept where you are. This is going to be uncomfortable. Do it anyway.

Breathe into the truth that there is a part of your soul that needs to heal. Ask your higher self to guide you in letting go of the sadness. Allow yourself to see all the ways that your low self esteem has affected you.

Be brave. Look around, see your life, and notice what you have created from this place. Hard as it may be, it is crucial for you to do this so you can move forward.


Your life is made up of your decisions. Decide right now that you do not live in low self esteem any more. Affirm: I am powerful beyond measure. I only accept what is in alignment with my soul’s highest good.


Improving your self esteem is a practice, like going to the gym, meditating or anything else that requires discipline. Give yourself the space to grow and expand on what you are learning. Make mistakes but keep trying.

Your efforts to grow your self esteem will be rewarded in every aspect of your life.

Before long you will find a new sense of power you never knew existed. You will start to attract people and experiences into your life that match your divine nature, instead of attracting those that match your old beliefs of deserving very little.

Upgrading your self esteem is one of life’s great challenges, but truly holds with it one of the greatest treasures: True and unbridled self love.



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