One thing most people can agree with is that a life lived without regrets is a life well lived. Looking back at life, we all want to be filled with the sense that we made good choices and we didn’t let opportunities pass us by. Here are 15 Things You Need To Do In Order To Live Without Regrets

15 Things You Need To Do In Order To Live Without Regrets


1- Be Courageous

Don’t let fear try to get in the way of pursuing your truth and happiness. Be brave, have courage, you deserve it.


2- Take Control

Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life. Take control of your mindset and


3- Let Go

Things and people who don’t lift you up and make you feel inspired


4- Own Your Time

If you don’t run your life, life runs you. Take your time back and use it wisely, eventually it will run out.

15 Things You Need To Do In Order To Live Without Regrets

5- Quit Gossipping

Small minds talk about others. Spending your energy gossipping about what other people are doing only distracts you from focusing on where YOU need to be going.


6- Be Bigger Than Your Excuses

Have a vision so big, so potent and powerful that it far outweighs any excuses your small mind can come up with.

15 Things You Need To Do In Order To Live Without Regrets 7- Don’t Compare

Only compare yourself to yesterday’s version of you. Anything else is pointless, we are all uniquely imperfect.


8- Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Living the same routine year after year is not a life. Grow, expand, allow yourself to become the greatest version of you!


9- Spend Time With Family And Friends

Allow yourself the gift of spending time with family, friends and all those who love you. Life’s precious moments are better when shared.


10- Be Thankful

Every day you are alive is a gift. Count your blessings more than you count your problems.


11- Accept Others As They Are

You cannot change other people. I repeat, you CANNOT change other people. Accept people for who they are and who they are not.


12- Practice Empathy

Empathy creates connection. We are here on Earth to connect and love. Practice using empathy with all you meet.


13- Live In The Moment

The past is over, the future is unpredictable (even though we try to guess!) all we ever really have is NOW. Life is here in this very moment. Live it.

15 Things You Need To Do In Order To Live Without Regrets

14- Love Yourself First

Learning to love yourself is one of life’s greatest challenges but bears with it some of life’s greatest rewards. Love you first and watch how the world around you changes.


15- Keep Moving Forward

No matter what challenges you face, no matter your current or past circumstances, you have the power within you to overcome anything. Keep going and know that you are loved.

What are your favourite quotes or sayings that help you live without regrets? Share them in the comments!



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