Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – You’ll Never Be Happy

Don’t you think it’s interesting how most people never seem to be happy with themselves?

No matter what we do, what we have or how we look, it never seems good enough.

We constantly compare ourselves to everyone else, what they are doing, what they look like, what they have achieved, so much so that we forget who we are… we forget our qualities and forget that being unique is our greatest asset.

Social media has made it much easier for us to feel unworthy, because it seems everywhere you look, someone has something bigger, better, more beautiful.

You may think you are doing awesome and proud of what you have achieved in your life, yet when you log onto Facebook and see what everyone else has, you suddenly feel inferior.

But, why do we do that?

Why do we think like that?

We were taught by our parents that it’s what is inside that matters… many of us teach our own children that, and we all know it to be true on a deep level… yet for some reason, many of us still compare ourselves with others on a materialistic and shallow level.

There is always going to be someone prettier than you, fitter than you, smarter than you, richer than you and appearing happier than you. Good for them. Good for all of them. You focus on you.

You have qualities that no one else has… because you were born unique. The sooner you realise that, and start living your life as yourself, free from caring about opinions of others… the happier you will be.

We all have something to amazing offer this world. There is not one single person on the earth that is the same as you… not one! You must understand how amazing that is.

comparing yourself

No one is perfect.

That profile you just went through on Instagram, that is a highlight reel. Everyone has their challenges behind closed doors. Everyone has qualities and things they need to work on as well.

So when you are comparing yourself to everyone else, remember that these people aren’t perfect… no one is. They don’t have it all figured out. They have bad times too and don’t always look that great, but usually you don’t get to see that side.

Nobody posts bad photos of themselves or the terrible apartment they first lived in… until they succeed.

So next time you start to compare yourself to another, just remember we are all human and go through the same good and bad times as everyone else.

If it seems like everyone around you may have more than you or what you consider to be a great life, know that YOUR life won’t get any better by being bitter.

Get grateful for what you DO have and the great qualities you DO possess. Then, focus on what you CAN do to get to the life you do deserve, and will achieve if you keep working for it. Just don’t do it because someone else has it.

Wanting to be like someone else is an insult to who you ARE.