To live in flow, we need to become familiar with existing in a high vibrational state.

The difficulty is that most of us are addicted to our own suffering.

Unconsciously many of us are focused on the ‘negatives’ in our existence.

When we focus on what’s wrong instead of what’s right in our lives, we lower our vibrational state.

The Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe is made of energy, and this energy is constantly vibrating at different frequencies. This includes your thoughts, words and actions.

So, by taking into account this law, it is safe to say – if you are consistently thinking about all the ways life has done you wrong, how people have hurt you or how nothing ever goes your way then you are going to find it hard to put yourself into a positive vibration.

So how do we shift our thinking from low vibrational to high vibrational? Well as most of us are not used to this way of being.. It’s going to take a little bit of effort.

In order to regain control of your vibration, you must learn to cultivate and nurture it. You have to increase your awareness of your own thinking, speaking and acting and be willing to self-analyse and self-adjust.

5 Steps To Creating And Maintaining A High Vibrational State Of Being

1. Hold a vision for your inner state

Before you start to create your vibration or ‘state’ it might be a good idea to consider first, what it is – that you want your state to look and feel like. Consider it to be your vibrational road map. Think of energies and feelings you enjoy and that make you feel GOOD – these are your secret weapons.

5 Steps To Creating And Maintaining A High Vibrational State Of Being Nikola Tesla Quote If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Fearless Soul Facebook Instagram Youtube Chiara Gizzi Electricity Atoms Particles Inventor Genius

2. Remove the attachment/addiction to suffering

Take responsibility for your emotional wellbeing and learn to detach from the suffering you have experienced. So much of human suffering exists because of our obsession with holding on to pain. We keep our pain alive by re-telling stories over and over again. This is not to discount pain, it is so important to honour and validate our wounds, but we don’t need to constantly reopen them in order to heal them.

3. Practice creating your state

Learn to cultivate joy in your life in a way that you love. This could be through dance, meditation, prayer, cooking, singing or walking at the beach! There are countless ways you can create a beautiful state for yourself.

4. Accept when things knock you off the path

Pain in life is guaranteed. Suffering is optional. Accept that sometimes things will knock your vibration down, but you must make it your business to redirect yourself with consciousness back to a beautiful state of being.

5. Be the boss of your vibe

This is probably an overly simplistic statement but really, you just need to decide once and for all that a beautiful state is your baseline. Do not allow yourself or anyone else to alter or affect that. This is your life, your experience, and it won’t last forever.

You deserve to be happy, abundant and fulfilled. Make a beautiful state your number one focus today and see how much your life changes.



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