Do Auras Exist?

Well, recently science has discovered previously unknown energy fields that radiate from the human body, these energy fields can be influenced by the person mood, movements or even what they are looking at! Are these human auras? Well for the believers (the idea of auras has been around for thousands of years) These recent discoveries do prove that there are many different energy fields in and around the human body.

According To This Teacher, Anyone Can See Human Auras With This One Technique

How To See Human Auras

Find a willing participant and ask them to stand about 10 feet away (2 metres) They should stand in front of a plain white or black background. Next focus on the persons nose with a relaxed gaze.

Turn slightly to your side, so you are also using your peripheral vision (you can see a different spectrum of light with your peripheral vision)

You will see a very faint outline around their body, almost like heat waves radiating from the body. Once you notice its faint outline fix your gaze on it and try bring it more into focus and keep your eyes locked on it (don’t blink!)

Whether you’ve noticed it yet or not, move your focus point from the nose, to the centre of the forehead, this slight moment might help you catch it for the first time. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t see it straight away, it can take a while. Once you do try to build your focus on it, you are basically training your brain to recognize an aura.

How To See Your Own Aura

Hold your hand out in front of you, facing outwards. (In front of a plain black or white background)

Relax, and look around the edges of your hand. After a few moments, move your hand slowly side to side and try to catch the outline of your aura.

Once you notice it, it will become much more prominent.

Noticing a human aura for the first time can be an empowering experience, and will expediate your spiritual journey. Let us know in the comments below if you were able to see a human aura.



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