How to Create a Vision For Your Life – Four Simple Steps

You dreamt of becoming someone when you were a kid. But then you grew up and all hell broke loose. You stopped dreaming. 

Don’t fret. There’s still time left. 

Here is how to create a vision for your life.

1. Know what you want

Question: Who am I? What talent do I possess?

The biggest problem people face is that they don’t know what they want. They have jobs they don’t like and wait for the weekends to actually start living. So face the truth. What do you really want? What kind of career? What about relationships?

Self-awareness is the foundation of your vision. Great people clearly know what they want. Here are some questions to help you know what you are good at.

“What do people thank me for?”

“How am I different than others?”

“What makes me lose sense of time?”  

“Who inspires me? Why?”

“What would I do if wasn’t afraid?”

“What would I do if I had all the resources?”

How to create a vision for your life: Know yourself. Ask the right questions.

Motivational Video – Visualize, Believe, Manifest:

2. Set Inspiring Goals

Question: What do I want to achieve?

Once you are crystal clear about your passion and desires, set inspiring goals. Don’t be scared to dream big. What goals if achieved will make your life amazing?

If you like to sing, it might be getting a gig with a big record company. If you like fitness, it might be running a successful gym. Whatever it is you want, it is the seed of greatness within you. Believe in it.

If you think you are useless, think again! Even reading Facebook memes all day long can do wonders. Memes make people laugh. Don’t underestimate anything. Just launch your own blog or work for a top blog like Buzzfeed.

The golden word here is BELIEVE.

How to create a vision for your life: Set goals that excite you and bring a smile on your face.

3. Build Strategy

Question: How do I plan to achieve it?

There are many ways to build a strong strategy. Study the people who’ve already done it. This is the easiest way to achieve your goals.  

An important part of the strategy is to take leverage. The right strategy can save you months or years of failure. So do the necessary research and find the best way to move forward.

For example, if you aspire to become a professional singer, enroll in a singing class and look for singing gigs simultaneously. Make some music and create your own YouTube channel.

Write three to five concise steps explaining how you will accomplish your end goal. This is your strategy.

How to create a vision for your life: Learn from experienced people and build strategy.

4. Visualize and Write

Question: How will my life change if I reach my goal?

Now that you know the path you will take, see yourself moving towards your goals.

No, really see yourself. Give it a couple minutes.

What does it look like?

Write down one paragraph each for how your life will change in the following five areas:

  • Career
  • Family & Relationships
  • Spirituality and meaning
  • Finances
  • Health

However, you must focus on changing only one area of your life. Other areas will change in the process. But don’t try to do everything at once. Focus is important.

How to create a vision for your life: Visualize how it will change your life.

Now that you know how to create a vision, go try it. And tell us about your vision in the comments.



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