How to Become The Creator of Your Life

“I don’t dream at night. I dream all day. I dream for a living.” – Steven Spielberg

Some of us live life on our own terms. Others surrender to their circumstances. But in doing so, they also abandon the vibrant force that guides all creation. They abandon serendipity, wonder, joy, radiance and all the tantalizing elements of creation.

If you want to live a fulfilling life, you must know how to harness your own power to create. Here’s how to become the creator of your life.

1. Know your power

We’re not the spectators, but the creators of our lives.

To become the creator of your life, first you need to know that you are one. Take a few moments to review the major events that occurred with you in the past month or so. Realize how those events were a direct result of your choices. Some of those choices were made years ago. Some were made only recently.

If you had made different choices, you’d be a different person today.

Realize that the source of creation works within us. The creative matrix exists inside us. If you want, you can change how people think, act and live. This ability to leave a dent on the universe symbolizes your power to create. Only by truly realizing this power, this creation, within each cell of your body, will you be able to dream your life into being.

Raise your level of consciousness. You are not here to be a puppet of big corporations, rigged government systems or even robotized education systems. Don’t listen to what others say about you. Listen to your heart.

become the creator

2. See with your heart

The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of.

To create your life, first you must look within to discover your desires and then you must see the future with your heart. Your thoughts and visualizations have more power than you think.

The top athletes know how to harness the power of visualization. Here’s how positive visualization works. When your vision aligns with your heart, it draws energy from the infinite source, the divine ocean, and is translated into reality.

First, discover what you want. You don’t need endless thinking to discover your desires. Just listen to your heart. Tune-in and write whatever comes to mind. Soon, you’ll find a couple things that you really want deep down.

Second, now that you know what you want, see yourself achieving it. How will you do it? What steps will you take? See yourself meeting the people you will meet, doing the things you will do, to realize this vision. Spend 5-10 minutes visualizing this way.

3. Take Action

If you want change, change your actions.

Most people go where the flow takes them. To become the creator create your own life, you must take conscious decisions.

Decide what you want, figure out a course of action and then just do it. Don’t think how it will turn out or what will go wrong.Doubt has killed many dreams in this world already. Don’t let it kill yours.

A practical step is to write a one-page action plan. In the previous step, you learned how to know what you want and see yourself achieving it. Now, you must write it down, list your goals and the key action steps.

To become the creator of your life, writing down your action plan is important. Because it solidifies your commitment and engraves it to your memory.

become the creator

4. Have courage

“When we lack courage, we have to settle for the world that is being dreamed by our culture or by our genes — the nightmare.”. Alberto Villoldo

Courage is essential to follow your heart. For example, if you want to be a singer, your family and friends may not support you to chase this goal. But if you keep going with dogged determination, you will attain the right skills and people will want to hear you sing.

Maybe you’d have to sing in restaurants first. But one day, if you keep trying, you’ll get that platinum record label deal.

People will stop you. You may not have the money. You may not have the skills. But you must be relentless. You must be willing to ignore the resistance and take bold steps towards your vision.

Don’t choose comfort over courage. Osho said, A comfortable, convenient life is not a real life – the more comfortable, the less alive. The most comfortable life is in the grave.”

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