If You Want To Attract Better Things Into Your Life – Do These 5 Things!

Your best life starts with YOU. Your energy… Your intention… creates YOUR world.

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Transcript – If You Want To Attract Better Things Into Your Life – Do These 5 Things! – (Motivational Speech)

Isn’t it interesting how most people seem to live in a continuous circle of the same events…
 They continue to attract the same kind of people… the same kind of problems… the same kind of feelings… the same kind of emotions… 
 Most often… they don’t like any of these things.

Some people though… seem to understand how to attract better.
 Better emotions… better people… better circumstances…

If you want to attract better into your life, if you want to focus your intention… and get clearer on what you want…

LIVE, FEEL and MASTER these 5 things and you soon might attract better in your life….

Number 1. You Have To Believe
Number 2. You Have To Visualize
Number 3. You Have To Dreamboard
Number 4. You Have To FOCUS on Feeling good and acting as if you already have it.
Number 5. You have to do the work!

Let’s dive in:

Number 1. Believe.

You have to BELIEVE it before you can SEE IT.
 It’s not the other way around.

Most people think that they will believe it WHEN they see it… but you have to believe what you want CAN be yours… otherwise it never will be.

Your brain will protect you from having anything you don’t believe you deserve… anything you don’t believe is possible.

You must develop the belief… the KNOWING that you deserve whatever you feel in your heart can be yours.

You must believe you are capable.
 You must believe you are worthy… that you can learn how… that you can do it…

How do you develop that belief?

 Surrounding yourself with positive people… people with similar beliefs.

Feeding your brain and soul with the right messages. If the right messages aren’t coming from anyone close to you… find them in books… in audios and videos.
 Listen to those who LIVE what you want to LIVE and soon you will be.

Number 2. Visualize

You must see it in your mind… before you can hold it in your hand…

Spend a few minutes each day with your eyes closed… visualising and FEELING exactly what you want in your life.

See it clearly. Everything you want. Picture yourself, as if from a birds-eye view… see how you will be feeling… the happiness… the ease… the peace and joy.

See the friends… see your happy family. See the love…

Visualize the things you want… visualise all those you can help through your abundant life.
 See it all… notice how good it feels – and know that it is on it’s way.

Number 3. Dreamboard

This process is helpful for many people, and works in with your visualisation exercises.

Print and cut out everything you MUST HAVE in your life and add it to your dream board… your DREAM LIFE that will be in existence soon.

Write down the feelings you want to experience… images of the body you want… the house, car… the happiness… everything.
 Review it each day.

Number 4. Feel good! Act as if you already have it.

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT step of all.

Know this very important fact:
 Everything you want in life, no matter what you say it is… you want it because you believe at some level you will FEEL BETTER in having it.

So, really… THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you could ever do is get yourself in a state of feeling good.
 To learn how you can FEEL GOOD no matter what.

The second benefit of FEELING GOOD… aside from the fact you do FEEL GREAT… is this:
 When you FEEL BETTER you attract BETTER.

Do whatever you need to do to feel good, and make sure you START your day like that.

Whatever it is for you: Gratitude… Meditation… something silly… learn what works for you… whatever gets you feeling amazing… feeling like this day ahead is going to be a miracle…
 Get in that powerful state… and watch the blessings that get drawn to you like a magnet.

Number 5. Do the work!

If you want anything in life, you will have to take action… but, you never have to take action with a negative feeling.

You do not have to struggle, you just have to do the work.

You take inspired action. You take action with EASE.

When you’re clear… when you’re focused… you direct your energy and action with clear intention… and you get your intended result.

Your action is born out of joy, ease, inspiration… and from that miracles are created.

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Everything you want in life, no matter what you say it is... you want it because you believe at some level you will FEEL BETTER in having it.
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