How to Develop Spiritual Fitness to Grow in Life

Most people often focus on physical fitness thinking that it’s the secret to feeling energetic all day. Physical fitness is great, and essential to a quality life, however few know the value of spiritual fitness and how it’s important to grow in life. But before we go on to dissect spiritual fitness, let’s first understand what it really means.

What Is Spiritual Fitness & How Can I Grow Some?

According to Jeffrey Allen, an Energy Healer and Teacher at MindValley, spiritual fitness is the measurement of your spiritual progress.

Suppose your purpose in your current phase of life is to entertain people. You need to ask, “how am I entertaining people?”. You could become a part-time comedian, start a YouTube channel, or take professional acting gigs to entertain people on camera.

In simple words, spiritual fitness measures how effectively you are able to materialize your dreams and grow in life. For some, it includes supporting their family, for others, it means living a life full of adventure.

But like physical fitness regimen, spiritual fitness requires you to actively pursue spiritual goals, like you pursue physical fitness goals. You cannot compete in a marathon if you have never practiced running. Similarly, you cannot fulfill your soul’s desire and grow in life if you haven’t taken the necessary actions.

For example, if you are tired of the hundred-year-old education system and want to revolutionize education, you need to take practical steps – start small, find the right people, build a product or service. Create a plan, put your head down, and make things work!

Spiritual fitness allows you to reach your highest potential in life. So how to be spiritually fit?

How to Develop Spiritual Fitness

1. Put in the Work

The first way to develop spiritual fitness is to put in the work. Setting an end goal, breaking that goal into smaller goals and working on the small goals one at a time. This takes patience and determination to reach the end goal.

For example, you spiritual goal might be to make people believe in themselves. In the real world, this might mean you have to become a motivational speaker.

You’ll have to learn the common barriers people face that lead to a lack of belief in themselves and master the tools to turn their life around. This might take five or ten years before you become a great motivational coach.

spiritual fitness

2. Activation Through Assistance

But hey, there’s also a fast way. The fast way is to spend time with people who are already where you want to be and can help you grow in life. You can find a mentor or participate in a group class where you can learn the necessary skills.

But how is it more effective?

When we are with people who are at a higher level or on the same spiritual path as ours, we are able to align with their vibe, their frequency, their expertise, even if for a short period of time. They act as tuning forks and change our vibration. This activates your spiritual fitness and gives you a direct access to the higher level.

So all you have to do is to get the activation from a mentor or a group, and then sustain it by some practice. This is far easier than doing all the work because you’re directly in contact with the higher level.

Uphill  vs. Downhill

The core difference is that once you go through the activation process, spiritual growth comes rather naturally and seems like a downhill run. However, doing it all on your own, without any guidance, any group with the same goals, is more of an uphill run.

Why Build Spiritual Fitness?

Spiritual fitness is a lifestyle. No matter whether we realize it or not, life tests all of us with unexpected situations and it requires spiritual toughness to survive and grow in life. In the end, money doesn’t satisfy us, what satisfies us is spiritual achievement.

So, take the first step now and become aware of your spiritual desires.

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