The Benefits of Time in Nature: The Hidden Medicinal Magic in Plants and Trees

The phenomena of forest bathing first came to light when researchers in Japan decided to set up tents along hiking trails to measure trekkers ‘before’ and ‘after’ health statistics.

What they found after years of research is that taking a walk among the serene scenery and medicinal ‘magic’ of trees and plants actually helps ground you in the present moment and uplift your joy.

Shinrin yoku {Forest medicine} is like a bridge…between us and the natural world… it takes us all the way home to our true selves.” Dr. Qing Li

The Fine Art of Forest Bathing

‘Forest bathing’ may sound like a fantasy practice involving stream-dwelling mermaids, but it’s actually a very down-to-earth activity. Simply put, it is a refreshing walk through the woods. By combining a reflective hike with a quiet mindfulness practice that unites all five senses, forest bathing offers a uniquely uplifting escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world.

Immersing yourself mindfully in the natural world helps you to stay present and brings out the best in your nature as well. The practice is about allowing your mind to unwind from your daily concerns and instead tuning it into to the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you.

Walking Among the Trees to Boost Your Joy

The Japanese consider forest bathing preventative medicine, and it’s easy to see why. Listening to the gentle sounds of a water bubbling, birds chirping, and the wind blowing while smelling the beautiful aromas of flowers and seeing the gorgeous green canopies above creates a positive domino effect which helps ensure that your peace, happiness, and ingenuity thrive.

Moreover, taking small breaks throughout the day is a strategy that is used by some of the most successful people in the world to boost their productivity.  Here are 3 surprising ways that taking your time outs ‘among the trees’ can help you to jumpstart your joy.

1. It Reduces Your Stress Levels

Forest bathing allows the natural healing elements that are released by plants and trees to enter your body through your skin and breathing. These compounds have been scientifically shown to reduce key stress hormones, lower your heart rate, and send signals to your systems that activate relaxation. This allows you to enjoy a rejuvenating retreat without ever having to leave your community!

2. It Elevates Your Mood

People who engage in forest bathing have lower incidents of depression and report feeling increased levels of happiness and overall well-being. Not only that, but the activity has been shown to create higher levels of empathy, which can go a long way towards making the people around you feel happier as well.

3. It Wakes Up Your Creativity

Those who take a meditative stroll through the woods can count on finding more insightful solutions to any issues they need to resolve or goals they are trying to reach. People have also reported a much greater ability to reflect on their priorities, and the practice has even been shown to boost creativity by 50%!

Experience your own joy-boosting ‘forest bath’ right from the comfort of your own space with these naturally soothing woodland rainfall sounds…

3Hrs Relaxing Forest RAIN, (Sleep, Relax or Meditate to Sounds of Rain)



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