How to Remember your Past Life – A Simple Guide


Many of us believe that, in one way or another, we have lived another different life before and were just products of reincarnation. Reincarnation is the belief that, when you die, your soul gets reborn into another physical body. We keep on looking for ways to reconnect with our past lives and even look for a past life interpretation so as to feel whole as a person and to somehow satisfy our desire to know more.

You could not help but wonder how you were unable to remember anything from our past life. There are times when we cannot even remember much about our current life. But many people claim that our forgetfulness can be attributed to cosmic mercy. Our minds can be fragile, weak, and only wired to do simple things. Our minds find it difficult to process simultaneous memories of humiliations, fears, success, doubts, wounds, pains and joys of this current life, what more if we add our past life to the equation.


We can believe that our memories—from both of this life and our past life—are kept locked for our very own protection. But we are able to draw and summon them unconsciously so we can correlate and compare as walk in this road called life. Do you have an irrational fear of frogs? Do you detest people who wear blue socks? Do you love the Japanese culture? These traits and attitudes did not happen accidentally. You are, indeed, the total of every little thing you have always been.

Unraveling the mystery of your previous life requires discipline and effort. Be sure to not abuse it. We have listed simple steps how you can tap into your old life so you can live your present life fully and with reason and purpose.

Evaluate your system of belief

Not all religions or teachings believe that reincarnation was possible. In some places, the mere discussion of this subject was denied and punished even. You would have to first come to terms with dilemma. If you were told that you could not have reborn growing up, this is going to be a problem since your mind will make it difficult for you to connect to your past life. Let go of the old teachings and know that there is more than meets the eye. Being able to believe fully in reincarnation will make it easier for you to tap into your previous life.

Always take notes

You may use a small notebook to keep tracks of the small bits and pieces of information. This will help you unravel the mystery that shrouds your past life. By doing so, you are lifting the curtain that separates your present and past lives. You can take this as an example: “I went out to help my best friend collect shells by the seashore, and at night, I found myself watching this documentary about beaches and sea animals. I enjoyed both activities today despite the fact that I did not know I like being close to the ocean.” This note will soon make sense sooner or later. Do your research, read books and watch videos, if needed. It could be possible that the seas and oceans are a big part of your past life. Keep searching for answers especially on things that you feel are a part of you.


Go on a dream state

This is fairly easy to do. Even those people who will do this for the first time. Before you go to sleep, read through your notes and ask that you see some patches of memory from your previous life. Aid this request with skimming the notes in hopes that you dream about it in sleep. Keep your notes close to you, and a pen too, in case you wake up and are able to remember glimpses from your dream. Although it is possible that it does not happen during the first night, but continuous belief and practice is the key to this. Keep doing this each night, scribbling tidbits of information you can get from the dream, and consistently jotting down notes.

Know what gets your attention

There are times in our lives when this you enjoy eating a bagel. Suddenly, everywhere you look, there is someone who would be eating a bagel. You go to a school, to the market, or visit a friend, and then there it is again: someone eating a bagel. You get to thinking now why there are many people who eat bagels. Well, people have always been eating bagel, you just happened to focus your attention on them.

This is the principle you should use. Focus on the idea of reincarnation. Think about it, obsess even. Wake up thinking about it, sleep thinking about it. From here, you will have access to insights, recollections, and information that would slowly surface for your digestion. All you need to do now is to connect the dots.

Learn from what you see

The recollections we are given just so we can have a taste of how we lived in the past will all be for nothing if we do not learn anything. Process the facts and information given to you, and ask yourself how you could have made it better. Know that we are the sum of every small thing we have been, but there is always room for improvement. Use these dreams to become a better version of yourself. Do you judge people who drink coffee instead of tea? You are letting your personal preference become a source of discrimination and judgement. Learn that people have different tastes, love many other things. Knowing this fact will allow you to adjust your thinking and eventually how you live your life. Our access to the past is given to us for a reason: and that is to get better, create better memories, and love more people.

Have you tried to tap into your previous life? How was the experience? Feel free to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

Images by Dimitris and AdinaVoicu under Public Domains CC0