Many of us have experienced the uplifting vibes of coming home to a cuddle from our cat or an over-the top puppy love greeting we get when we arrive after a long work day. Animals seem to have the unique ability to somehow just ‘know’ when we need a bit of cheer and an extra dose of love. Scientists agree: animals help light up our key ‘energy centers’ in ways that provide a powerful potion of positivity just when we need it the most.

Hidden Powers of ‘Puppy Love’: 3 Amazing Lessons Animals Teach Us

They uplift our hearts | Puppy Love

The renowned HeartMath Institute showcased how pets and their people are energetically connected through their heart spaces. The center’s study revealed how a boy and his dog found more ‘coherence’, or inner balance, when they sent out love to each other. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) agrees, stating that animals can your lower blood pressure, decrease your heart rate, reduce your cholesterol levels, and help increase your chances for experiencing heartwarming social interactions.

The Hidden Powers of ‘Puppy Love’: 3 Amazing Life Lessons Animals Can Teach Us fearless soul vegetarian vegan eat meat learn from animals The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man. animal cruelty right rescue happy story cat dog pet pets care for animal love bone friendship doggo kitty quote quotes

They help ease our minds | Puppy Love

Animals of all types are now placed in top hospitals and therapy settings because of their proven ability to lower stress levels, ease anxiety, and lessen patient’s fears. Even the Army Corps hospitals have used animals for therapeutic programs to help their patients with tough conditions, and they have eased symptoms in people with depression, PTSD, and those experiencing issues with cognition and focus. It’s believed by scientists that caring for another being helps people improve their self-esteem and increase their joy.

They teach us the power of the present moment | Puppy Love

About 30% of Americans experience some form of anxiety in their lives, and animal-assisted mindfulness training has shown great promise for improving people’s ability to be present and aware in order to reduce feelings of worry and stress. Mindfulness is simply paying attention to your ideas and feelings about people and situations, without being judgmental of yourself or others. This is so helpful because it allows you to see your issues more objectively, without a cloud of negativity hanging over you.

Research reveals that animals help people with accepting what is right now, which is a key part of mindfulness. Those seeking counseling report that their trust bond with their four-legged ‘therapists’ makes it easier to stay focused and aware. Studies have also revealed animals’ ability to positively affect the ‘executive’ center of the brain where big picture thinking takes place. This allows for a greater level of understanding about how to resolve any issues that you are currently dealing with, so that you can move forward in your life much more quickly.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi



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