Learn How to Overcome Doubt & Fear With Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols proof that with hard work and determination you can accomplish anything. Twenty years ago she had $12 in her bank account and was a single mom living off public assistance. She also hit rock bottom, both financially and spiritually. Fast forward to present day and Lisa is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and has been featured on Oprah.

While some people want to call her the exception she doesn’t agree. “No, I’m not the exception I’m an average ordinary woman. I chose every day to make extraordinary decisions.” Use these three lessons from Lisa Nichols to turn your life around, and learn how to overcome doubt & fear.

Your Past Isn’t Your Future – Overcome Doubt & Fear

Despite being raised with a difficult background she learned to create her own path by always keeping the faith. As Lisa said, “Faith is believing in the unseen.” She didn’t let her past dictate her future. While she continued to falter and fail she always gave herself a thousand second chances.

Apply these principles in your life by leaving the past in the past. If you know what you want in life go after it. You can’t create your future if you are always looking backward. While you should learn from your mistakes don’t dwell on them. Choose to give yourself another chance and eventually you will succeed. 

You Have to Change For Life to Change – Overcome Doubt & Fear

Lisa understood that for life to change she needed to change. She had to change her work ethic, attitude, habits and her thoughts. While the changes she wanted to make were huge she broke them down into small bite-size pieces. As Lisa said, “In order to have something more you have to do something you haven’t done yet. I had to say the things I didn’t want to say. Do the things I didn’t feel like doing to have the life I knew I wanted.”


You can do this with your goals. Magnificent change doesn’t happen overnight. It happens after small habits are changed every single day. It’s not about what you do one day but what you do every single day that will create positive change in your life.

Don’t Listen to Negativity – Overcome Doubt & Fear

Lisa did not let anyone affect her outcome. Negativity came from external sources but also from her own inner, negative self-talk. She knew that if she worked hard and continued to give herself a thousand second chances she could accomplish anything.

The same goes for your own life. Don’t listen to what people are saying about you or your situation. Choose to monitor your own inner self-talk to build yourself up. You have to learn how to become your own best friend by affirming your own inner greatness.

Learn How to Overcome Doubt & Fear With Lisa Nichols

As Lisa said, “I’ve only got one life and I’m going to ride it until the wheels fall off.” You are only one decision away from changing your life forever. Don’t wait until you are at rock bottom to make that decision. Choose now by taking small steps in the right direction every day and watch your life change. If you do this five years from now your life will be unrecognizable.



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