Anxiety can be debilitating. Whether your experience with it is minor or in the extreme. Everyone experiences anxiety in some form or another.

Anxiety at its worst is a crushing encumbrance to shoulder on the road to happiness. Even if from the outside it looks like you have nothing to ‘worry about’ your mind has another story to tell. If you’ve ever sat wide eyed at 3AM struggling to breathe and contemplating the capitulation of your existence, while the rest of the world is sleeping, you know anxiety well.

How to Overcome Anxiety – Worrier to Warrior

How to Overcome Anxiety - Transform From Worrier To Warrior Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be. Anxiety quote quotes

The good news is that anxiety is manageable, there are a number of approaches you can take. One that works for someone else may not work for you. You must be brave enough to explore your options, so you can improve your own quality of life. Whether it be seeing a psychologist or life coach, altering your mindset/thought process, meditation, behavioural therapy or even taking medication.

Colin Bien suffered from a panic disorder caused by malaria prophylaxes for over 2 years. This cause Colin to have frequent overwhelming panic attacks. So began his life mission of understanding the underlying anxiety that caused his attacks. He knew if he failed to understand the way his mind was operating his life would always be a struggle. Listen as Colin explains how he broke the loop of anxiety.

Worrier to Warrior – How to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is like being chased by a bear. If you RUN…it’ll keep chasing you. If you STOP and acknowledge it, it’ll eventually lose interest and go away.

The way to fix such anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses is to understand the relationship of the mind , body and soul. You are not what you think. Simple as that. All mental illnesses have their root in the mind. There is of course a complicated chemical balance in the brain that can have a huge influence on your state. But they are generally not the cause, just the side effects of self induced stress states that manifest a fight or flight response within the body. Of course everyone is different, it is up to you to get to know yourself and evolve your mind from self-defeating to self-development.

How to overcome anxiety. STOP what you are doing. You need to figure out who you are. What is your purpose? Why haven’t you given up? What are you fighting for? Find out why your fire stills burns, even if your life is just a pile of smouldering coal. Once you find the reason, FEED YOUR FIRE. Remind yourself every day why you are here. If you want to be great you need to work on yourself EVERY. DAY. feed your mind with positivity & knowledge. Your life is on the line. Become a warrior. You can defeat this! Be fearless!



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