Thinking about the past, present, and future can be helpful if you are trying to remember where you parked your car. It’s when you start running scenarios over and over again in your head about life events, in ways that don’t serve you that your positive planning can turn into negative manifesting. Here are three mindsets you must let go of if you want to create your best life.

“Mindset is what separates the best from the rest.” – John Assaraf

3 Mindsets You Must Let Go Of If You Want To Create Your Best Life

1. Past Tense Problems

According to award-winning scientist Dr. Bruce Lipton, 95 percent of your memories, thoughts, and beliefs about your life are stored in your subconscious mind. That’s why it’s so easy to dwell on the issues of your past and get stuck in a loop of constantly rehashing challenging experiences even without consciously meaning to. Everyone has done this at one time or another, but successful people have learned the importance of focusing every day on positive outcomes and self-affirming thoughts in order to change the script that their mind is running.

Why does this work so well? It’s because the subconscious mind speaks the language of habits. So if your thoughts and feelings about your life are positive and full of self-belief, your subconscious mind will eventually become ‘fluent’ in this language. When this happens, you’re able to attract the people and situations into your life that move you forward along your path more quickly.

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2. Future Tense Dreams

It seems natural to say “One day, I’ll travel the world” or “One day, I’ll have my dream job”. The trouble with thinking this way is that you will always be waiting to get what you want because you’ve convinced yourself that you couldn’t possibly have these things right now.

Your brain doesn’t differentiate between real and make believe when it comes to your imagination. That’s why immersing yourself in the feelings of having your dream right now is the fastest way to achieve your goals. Feelings have been shown to first be reflected in the heart, and then spread out from there throughout your body.

Positive emotions that emanate from the heart center create a kind of balance in your body known as homeostasis. This homeostasis increases your energy levels, accelerates your brain cognition, and adds to your social ‘cohesion’ or teamwork skills, making it much easier to bring great opportunities into your life in the here and now.

3. Present Tense Doubts

In much the same way that running scenarios about past problems keeps negative beliefs stuck in place in your subconscious mind, doubting your abilities can create a ‘language of lack’. When you attempt to take steps toward your goals with this language in place, procrastination and excuses tend to kick in.

Instead, make an attempt to give yourself compliments throughout the day whenever you’re feeling unsure of yourself. For example, you can say “I am brave for taking a step toward my dream today.” It can also be helpful to write down a list of your achievements, such as research you have done to start on your goals or a set of unique talents that you can contribute to the world. Having these handy to read over and repeat to yourself is like telling your fears and insecurities that they are no longer welcome in your home because the new owners have arrived. One you have conquered these mindsets you must let go of you will be able to live life fully in the present moment with an open mind and free spirit.



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