Happiness.. the elusive fish we reel in all of our lives, but can’t seem to get on the boat..

It’s human nature to have ups and downs. Life can be cruel one day and miraculous the next.

So what seperates the happy from the grey masses? The 3 secrets of course.

The 3 secrets are backed by science, and some of the most spiritually fulfilled and successful people in human history. None of the 3 secrets are about money or power. Sadly money can’t buy happiness.. That would be too easy! Even more unsettling is that some people spend the majority of their lives chasing riches before realising the truth.

Happiness is complex, every human being is beautifully unique therefore happiness is a journey of self discovery. The 3 secrets will give you the coordinates, but finding the way is ultimately up to you, if you’re not satisfied with any part of your life, know that you deserve more, you deserve happiness.

Enjoy the 3 secrets and if you wish happiness for another person, share the 3 secrets with them as an offering of happiness, the greatest gift on Earth.

The Three Secrets To Happiness:

1. Human Connection

Relationships are the spine that holds our lives together, even for the most isolated or introverted personalities, without human contact we will go crazy.

The quality of your relationships will determine the happiness and productivity of your life. A strong partnership will make your life mutually easier, allowing greater productivity. The less time spent on worrying about the small details in life, frees our consciousness to focus on the big picture and change the world.

You must ask yourself are your friendships, lovers, family, co-workers adding to your life or making it harder? Like tearing off a bandaid, it’s not a nice process to remove someone ingrained in our lives, but we must be bold enough to do what’s best for ourselves, or we risk becoming emotional slaves to the negativity of others.

If this process brings someone to mind that has helped your progress, development, happiness or even sanity. Take the time to remind the ones you love and who have helped you grow, what they mean to you.

The Three Secrets To Happiness You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with Jim rohn quote Michael Macri fearless soul author

2. Positive Mindset

Happiness is not random, it is a choice, you can decide to be happy. If you’ve ever been to a third world country, one noticeable difference from more developed nations, is the people you encounter are happier. It doesn’t make much sense, but depression and anxiety are much more prevalent in developed nations.

If you have the ability to read this article on a smart phone or computer, congratulations you are better off than 98% of the human race.

Stop & think about that for a few seconds.. next time you find yourself upset that someone cut you off in traffic or you had to wait too long at a restaurant. Look to the sky, breathe and remind yourself you are blessed beyond belief.

Gratitude is the greatest happiness practice there is, so make it a daily one.

The Three Secrets To Happiness The struggle ends, once gratitude begins. Neale Donald Walsh quote happy Michael Macri article fearless soul author positivity mindset

3. Flow State

Have you ever entered the ‘zone’ either at work or on a personal project, where you are so completely engrossed in what you are doing, that you lose track of time, so immersed in every detail that you produce your best work.

Finding something that allows you to enter a ‘flow state’ is an incredible creative outlet. Not only is it great for the mind, but pouring your heart into something will make you a more satisfied, happier human being. Find work, a hobby, a project that you are passionate about and get to work.

If your day job leaves you feeling blank at the end of the day, like you need a glass of wine just to recover for the next shift. Get out now.. Unfulfilling work will suck the life out of the happiest person. You deserve more. Switch off the TV, follow your passion, find your flow.. and you will be on the way to being the happiest you’ve ever been..

You’ve been gifted the three secrets to happiness.. Share them with someone you love, & most importantly.. Don’t waste them!



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