How to embrace change? Change is a part of life. As time marches on we are all subjected to its effects: Ageing, movement, shifting, adjusting; but even though at some level we understand that life is in a constant state of flux, we seem to find it so difficult to manage. We resist it, we fight it, we attempt to control it- all of which creates suffering and discomfort.

How can we learn to embrace change in our lives and end the suffering?

4 Practical Steps On How To Embrace Change Instead of Fearing It

1- Take it easy on yourself.

Change may be natural, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy. When you are going through a change in your life, and as your old beliefs, ideas and attachments slip away; you can feel unsettled and even anxious. Take it easy on yourself, be your own best friend as you let go of the old and navigate the new.

4 Practical Steps On How To Embrace Change Instead of Fearing It Lao Tzu Quote

2- Surround yourself with change-oriented people.

There are a lot of people in the world who prefer the comfort of staying where they are, even if they are unhappy. If you are on a journey of self discovery and change, surround yourself with people who do the same! These are the people who you can turn to for advice and support when you need to.


3- Decide to be comfortable with uncertainty.

Our life is made up of a collection of decisions. Decide today that you are comfortable with not knowing all the answers! Place your trust in the Universe, God, or whatever resonates with you, and remind yourself that you are loved and safe. Trust the process of becoming.

“The only thing that is constant is change.” Heraclitus - How To Embrace Change 4 Practical Steps On How To Embrace Change Instead of Fearing It

4- Look for the positives.

Change is uncomfortable. We have established that. But instead of focusing on that, what about seeing all the positives that come from change? Whenever there is a period of change in your life you are experiencing growth. Be grateful for the opportunity to experience life’s ups and downs. There are millions of people who are faced with far worse than you every single day.


Change in life is guaranteed. Always remember that although it may seem scary and uncomfortable, you have the power to get through anything life throws at you.


Do you have a specific practice you turn to when you are going through changes in your life? If so please share them in the comments below.



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