Life in nature is polarity. Sun and moon, rain and drought, life and death. The human experience is just like nature in many ways. We experience highs and lows, beginnings and endings, pain and bliss.


Sometimes on our life journey we can fall into trouble, difficulty and even agony. Maybe somebody hurts us, maybe we hurt ourselves, however it happens, the pain we feel is inevitable and it’s real.

Find A Place Inside Where There’s Joy – Wisdom From Joseph Campbell

Find A Place Inside Where There's Joy Find A Place Inside Where There's Joy - Wisdom From Joseph Campbell Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you

So how do we cope in these times of struggle? What is the best way to handle the sometimes painful experiences that life throws our way? – Find A Place Inside Where There’s Joy


If you can look at life from an objective point of view, there is something quite comforting about the polarity that exists. When we are going through times of pain and struggle, there is a guarantee that the opposite to that experience can be found.


Having this awareness does not mean avoiding difficulty, running from our problems or attempting to dodge uncomfortable emotions. It simply means accessing a deep inner knowing, creating an connection to the emotions that flow through us and understanding that all of life exists in a rhythm, a flow. We are subject to that flow just like the trees, the moon, the sun and the sea.


When we understand this at a fundamental level, we place ourselves in a state of acceptance. From acceptance we are empowered. We are no longer resisting, fighting, or or attempting to “rise above” life and it’s experiences, instead we surrender to it’s flow. From this place we are able to move through our challenges with grace.

Find A Place Inside Where There's Joy Find A Place Inside Where There's Joy - Wisdom From Joseph Campbell We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

What naturally happens next is the paradox of the human experience and the antidote to our troubles. Acceptance = Flow = Joy. – Find A Place Inside Where There’s Joy


Joy burns out the pain, but not by being manufactured from a place of forcing, pushing or straining. Joy exists within us as a natural state, allowed to burst through into our hearts when we allow ourselves to trust in life’s rhythm.


This is emotional mastery. Spiritual wisdom. Deep knowledge of the self.


When we master this truth, we know that we ALWAYS have access to the joy within us. It never leaves. It doesn’t need to be created by some external circumstance or action. It’s who we are.


That’s a pretty peaceful and powerful place to be don’t you think?


Whatever you do today, take a moment to access your inner joy. Dance, sing, get in nature and allow yourself to feel it on every level of your being.



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