Friendship is a sacred bond that triumphs over all others, even love.

It is something that creates an everlasting impact on the mind and the heart.

In a way friendship is why a person can tolerate life itself.

However, what we need is true companionship not false pretenses and a plastered smile.

Those who know the meaning of true friendship are indeed fortunate.

Friendship: The Most Beautiful Gift One Can Give To Another Good friends are like stars. You can‘t always see them. But you know they are there.

Friendship: The Most Beautiful Gift

Friends are not those who were there in your happy times rather those who were your pillars of support during your hardest.

Friendship is not about giving solutions or even having the same point of view.

It is about listening when they feel down and heavy.

It is about being there for them and helping them relieve their burdens.

Friendship gives us an ecstatic feeling, a temporary and permanent high, with true friends by your side you feel like you can cross any obstacle.

They impart their strength to you.

They have seen you at your worst yet have decided to be with you because you mean something to them. At times you might mean everything to them.

A friend is there to laugh with you, make you smile, cherish good things, correct you, wipe your tears and most important of all, help you raise when you have fallen the deepest.

A friend is your light in the darkness. A mere shimmering flicker that can instill in you enough strength to find your way back.

Friendship: The Most Beautiful Gift One Can Give To Another Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

It is important to acknowledge their presence in your life and show them that they mean the world to you too.

You must show that it is not one sided, just like every other relationship, this one is a two way road too.

You cannot simply expect them to put up with all your nonsense without showing gratitude.

At one point in life you are bound to regret your impulsive behavior. You will regret the hard words that came out of your mouth in the spur of the moment.

In fact friendship is the base for love. Love spawns from understanding. Love may be capable of emerging from hate but more so from friendship.

Friendship: The Most Beautiful Gift One Can Give To Another In fact friendship is the base for love. Love spawns from understanding. Sangeeth fearless soul author young artist spiritual

It is a sad thing to say that not all in this world will experience true friendship.

There are so many people out there who have only seen fake friends and a million facades.

They say choose your friends wisely for they can make you or break you. But it isn’t exactly like that. Sometimes only the troubled can make you realize the value of certain things. Sometimes lending a helping hand can cure you of your darkness.

A true friend will be there when you want to give up, encouraging you relentlessly as if it were their own dreams. They will keep shouting your name, keep giving you energy, keep reminding you of the reason you started, keep reminding you of the insurmountable strength within you and most of all keep picking you up every time you fall.

For those who haven’t yet experienced the pleasure of having real friends don’t worry the best of them are waiting for you, it’s only a matter of time before you meet someone genuine.

In the eyes of commoners and young children, friendship stands for sharing secrets and keeping them. They think that friendship is just about having silly moments. But no, friendship is about understanding the plight of the other and relating to their condition. It is about giving them a reason to look past the struggles and move on.

You will most definitely learn precious lessons.

Sometimes the easy way, sometimes the hard way.

You not only support the other person but yourself as well.

There is a tonne of personal growth that happens in a friendship.

They tell you when you are doing something wrong, they tell you when you should be doing something else and of course encourage you when you are on the right path.

It is not something that you measure by the number of days you have known each other, rather how their presence has an impact on you. And the meaning of their absence. Of how you would be without your friend.

Despite distance, friends stay connected. One soul in two different minds. Friendship is eternally infinite, it knows no bounds. Not gender, not age, not language, not ethnicity, not money, not religion, nothing really matters in friendship.

Cheers to all the jubilant friendships that have been made. And the tender ones that are blossoming into everlasting ones.

We smile, we cry, we laugh. And we make friends.



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