One of the most enlightening experiments ever conceived showcases the power of your thoughts, how positive words and thoughts like ‘gratitude’ that are directed toward water actually cause it to form into stunningly beautiful crystalline shapes, while negative, unkind ideas cause the molecules to become ugly, misshapen, and disjointed.

In 1994, Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto set up investigations that revealed how water, which makes up 60% of the human body, is greatly influenced by the mindset and feelings of the people who surround it:

Dr. Emoto’s groundbreaking research helped uncover 3 amazing secrets to manifesting the life of your dreams.

1. Speak Your Ideas Out Loud | Power of Your Thoughts

Sound creates form and as the water experiments reveal, what you speak out loud influences the exact material form that will unfold before your eyes. Many other researchers have also replicated the impact of sound on material objects. Such as the sand experiments conducted by physics researcher John Stuart Reid and Grammy-nominated sound healer Steven Halpern. These studies and demonstrations highlight the power of creating your reality based on the words you speak. This is why making a conscious effort to choose your words with care can have such a profound impact on your success.

2. Hold a Clear Intention | Power of Your Thoughts

“Love and gratitude: This crystal is as perfect as can be.” – Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water

An intention bridges in both feelings from your heart and thoughts from your mind to give your words maximum impact. For instance, if you say the word ‘Love’ while feeling that emotion and also thinking about who or what you are sending love to, you can influence the makeup of the magnetic field that surrounds you. This energetic field is not some hocus pocus idea, but is in fact scientifically documented and operates much like the Earth’s magnetic field.

Every time you think a thought or experience an emotion, your mind and heart each send out a magnetic ‘resonance’ or ‘vibration’ via your magnetic field. When you focus on uplifting thoughts and feelings, the vibration you send out is likewise more positive.

Our heart has been shown to be the first place that perceives resonances or vibrations that come into our magnetic fields from others. So when you send out a positive resonance, it will be recognized and accepted by those who aspire to interact with someone of that same vibration. This is how you magnetically attract the people and situations into your life who are emanating positive vibrations that support your goals.

Dr. Masaru Emoto @iamFearlessSoul This Amazing Experiment Reveals The True Power of Your Thoughts & Manifesting law of attraction Love and gratitude This crystal is as perfect as can be.

3. Make Thought Control a Priority | Power of Your Thoughts

Once your heart perceives resonances or vibrations that come into its magnetic field, it then sends a signal to your brain. Your brain stores most of your memories and beliefs in your subconscious mind. Here’s where things can sometimes get mixed up: your brain’s perceptions about outside vibrations can be unduly influenced by old programmed patterns of thought that are based on past experiences with that vibration.

For instance, if you ever fell love in the past and it didn’t work out, your heart still experiences the vibration of love and sends that signal to your brain. However, your brain’s subconscious mind remembers that love equals pain. Your thoughts then begin forming around the vibration of pain. Instead of thinking welcoming thoughts about getting to know the person, you become fearful or sad. You may come up with all kinds of reasons why things will never work out.

The key is to consciously catch your thoughts at this stage of the process and change them. Many people actually attract the people or situations into their life that they want, but then subconsciously reject them. Then subconscious thoughts manifest themselves via our actions. Consistently check in with your thoughts throughout the day – in other words, by thinking about, what you are thinking about – you will be more successful in taking control of your subconscious mind and shifting into the driver’s seat so that you can enjoy a beautiful life filled with everything you desire.

Use these positive and inspiring affirmations to help influence your thoughts and empower your dreams…



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