Michael Beckwith is a spiritual leader, author, motivational speaker and meditation teacher. He also founded the Agape University of Transformational Studies and Leadership in Los Angeles. Michael Beckwith appeared in the movie, “The Secret” and worked with some of the biggest motivational speakers in the world. Dr. Michael Beckwith has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their dreams by understanding the Law of the Attraction.

Use these Michael Beckwith quotes to understand the power of the Law of Attraction and create your own dream life.

“Do you live in a minefield or a garden? When we live in a minefield mentality, we explode with the weeds of worry, doubt, fear, lack, and limitation. Choose to cultivate your inner garden!” – Michael Beckwith

Your mind creates your reality. Once you understand the power of your mind you can realize how important it is to change your thoughts to create a better reality. Choose to focus on positive, uplifting, and happy thoughts. Remember, your inner world always creates your outer world.

“There’s enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it, it will show up for you. That’s the truth.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith

Choose to have an abundance mentality for any area in life. There are more than enough resources to go around. Choose to believe in yourself and your abilities to create the future that you want.

Use These Beautiful Michael Beckwith Quotes to Harness the Law of Attraction

“You attract to you the predominant thoughts that you’re holding in your awareness, whether those thoughts are conscious or unconscious. That’s the rub.” – Michael Beckwith

Thoughts become things. Consciously change your thoughts when you have a negative thought pop up. To change your subconscious thoughts use affirmations and visualizations to help reshape limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

“Don’t look for your dreams to become true; look to become true to your dreams.” – Michael Beckwith Quotes

The reason you are supposed to set big goals and dreams is to become someone you aren’t currently. Getting to the finish line of a goal is great but becoming the person who can achieve the goal is the real win.

As the legendary motivational speaker, Les Brown said, “You can live your dreams.

Use These Beautiful Michael Beckwith Quotes to Harness the Law of Attraction

“Be a beneficial presence on the planet. Give your Gifts. Boldly go where no woman or no man has ever gone before.” – Michael Beckwith

You are here because you mean something important to this Universe. Don’t settle for mediocrity but instead try to achieve everything you can out of life. Give, love, and share your gifts with others to go where no one has gone before.

As Steve Jobs said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

“When we shift from negatively complaining to positively affirming, conditions change. Then complaining is no longer the operative law in our life-freedom is.” – Michael Beckwith Quotes

Complaining about anything negative in your life only attracts more of it into your life. Choose to get over negative events quickly and focus on affirming what you want to change. Dwelling on the past won’t let you get closer to creating the future you want.

Use these Michael Beckwith quotes to cultivate your inner garden and use the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams into reality.