Whether you are a passionate follower of books or blogs about spirituality, personal development or even business, you will likely have heard of the term emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence or ‘EQ’ defines a person’s capacity to both manage and identify emotions within themselves and others. Being emotionally intelligent also means having the ability to solve emotion-related problems accurately and quickly.


So we know that emotional intelligence helps us to manage emotions better, but why is that important?

Better Mental Health

Having emotional intelligence greatly impacts our mental health because it affects our perspective on life. When we understand and are able to deal with our emotions, we are able to feel safe and balanced, rather than being a victim to our feelings. In turn, this creates an optimistic outlook of the world.


Improved Communication

When you understand and have control over your own emotional wellbeing, you naturally become a better communicator because you lose the need to be reactive around your emotions. You are able to say how you feel in a constructive way rather than a destructive way; you master your emotions, not the other way around. This decreases the likelihood of a misunderstanding occurring.


Happier Relationships 

People who can communicate in a positive and constructive way naturally have healthier relationships than those who allow their emotions to get the better of them. Emotionally intelligent people also have the ability to access empathy so when conflict arises they can look at a feeling to understand what else lies beneath it. This helps the people around you feel safe, connected and understood.


Increased Success

Being emotionally intelligent allows us to become more resilient and focused as human beings, because our emotions do not control us. This translates to reduced procrastination levels, improved concentration levels and increased self-belief. With this focused energy and confidence, we are able to apply ourselves to our goals and not get thrown off track as easily.

emotional intelligence

If you’d like to find out how emotionally intelligent you are try this quiz from Mind Tools.com 


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