This Is For Everyone That Feels Like They Don’t Fit In

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The holidays are, for many, a great time to catch up with and enjoy the company of our family and extended family members

For many though, the coming together of family is a feeling of not fitting in.

For many, being around Judgemental family members or those who have never supported the life we want to live, the holidays represent a feeling of loneliness rather than togetherness

Separation rather than inclusion.

The thing is, it is impossible to be truly happy when you are around people that are only happy for you IF you conform to the person THEY WANT to see, rather than be the person YOU WANT to be.

When you grow up in families that love conditionally, families that clip your wings, that don’t understand your gifts and don’t support your dreams, there is always a level of background unhappiness.

There’s always a feeling of wanting to let out something that was never expressed because of fear of judgement.

The family members almost always have the best intentions… but they don’t realize the BEST for any individual is to let them be exactly that… individual… to express themselves and support whatever or whoever they decide to be.

Birds can not soar with clipped wings.

We humans can not soar around those who clip our wings.

But rather than go into these family gatherings with hate or negativity toward those that may have held you back, send them love, bless them silently, knowing that if they KNEW better, they would DO better.

If they knew what their actions do to a human, they would most likely not do it.

Know that they are most likely only doing unconsciously what was done to them and generations before them.

Know that you don’t need anyone’s approval to SOAR.

Know that you can always respond with class and strength, with no need for confrontation or anger.

With the silent KNOWING that “The proof will always be in the pudding” and in years to come, my QUALITY of life will paint the picture clearly for them”

My abundance, my class, my humility, my confidence, my joy, me living authentically exactly who I want to be will paint the clearest picture for them.

I often feel sorry for those who judge and expect things of others without first thinking about what that individual wants. But that is not my problem. I bless them and move on with my life and hope MY EXAMPLE is one that encourages others to live the same.

There is never a need for confrontation or anger. It serves no purpose to help anyone in any situation.

Move on with class and calm confidence, with humility and compassion and let your EXAMPLE show the rest how to live LIFE.

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