You Are Not Your Past – You Are Not Your Mistakes – Motivational Speech

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Transcript – You Are Not Your Past – You Are Not Your Mistakes

You are not your past…
You are not your mistakes…
You are not your failures…
You are not who you were yesterday…
You are not even who you were this morning…
You are who you decide to become!
Who you COMMIT to become.

You could be one decision away from a completely new life…

We are all capable of re-inventing ourselves. There’s absolutely no reason why anyone needs to live in the dark times of their past when their bright future is waiting for them.

Holding on to things that have gone wrong in the past is never going to serve your future… it’s never going to make you feel good in the present. It will only increase your suffering.

So you have to ask yourself: Is that event, that moment from my past, that moment that is OVER now, worthy of sucking all the joy out of my PRESENT and my FUTURE?

Am I really going to let that moment, that person or event win. Am I really going to let that take away all the joy of my future?

Let it go. We all make mistakes. We all do. Those who move on have the greatest chance of joy, both now and in the future.

Forgive yourself. Forgive everything and everyone and feel that weight drop from your shoulders as you walk toward your new life.

Repeat to yourself every day:
“I am not my past.
I am not my mistakes.
I am not my failures.
I am who I decide to become.
I am who I COMMIT to become.
I commit to become the best I can be.
I forgive.
I move on.
I look forward to the new me.

you are not your past

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