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Transcript – The Question Asking Process – Powerful Morning Routine

One of the first things life coaches learn is not to TELL their client WHAT to do, but to ask a series of questions so the client can bring the answer out of themselves.

If you were my client and I was your life coach… I wouldn’t tell you what to do with your life… I would ask you a series of questions… so you could bring the answer out from within yourself.

The answers are always WITHIN YOU… you just have to bring them out… and you bring them out with questions… By first WANTING to KNOW what you want and how you want to feel… and then asking the questions that will give you the answers needed to get to that place.

If you wanted to self-coach yourself into a life you will LOVE… I would highly recommend this process I am about to share with you.

Along with my morning gratitude and meditation routine I do this very powerful process EVERY MORNING. I simply call it the question asking process.

Because… if you want a great answer – ask a great question. If you want to live a certain way, set the intention for that first thing in the morning.

Here’s how the process works… You simply get out a pen and a piece of paper… or like me, the notes section in your phone will work fine, just the same… And you start writing or typing freely, whatever comes naturally… Questions that will bring about positive actions this day…

For example:
How can I smile more today?
How can I be more present today?
How can I be more playful today?
How can I show others I appreciate them more today?
How can I set an even greater example for my kids today?

You ask the question, you write it down so it goes deep in your subconscious, and you pause and think about the answer.

This process is powerful!

It is powerful because… it gets you thinking about HOW you want to feel, HOW you want to live this day… It’s powerful because it gets you thinking about all the positive things you CAN do to feel better TODAY…

Do that every day and after a short time you’ll have a compound effect which will add up to a magical life.

It’s a powerful process because it sets your intention for the day, and makes you more self-aware, more conscious of your actions throughout the day.

It guides you in a direction YOU WANT for the day, rather than being at the mercy of life, you are the magician, the attractor, the director of your own life.

I really encourage you to try it for 30 days and see if it works for you. See if it makes you feel better, make better choices, make choices that make you feel better, happier about yourself and your life.

The key is to ask questions that are not material or possession related. Don’t ask “How can I get more money today” Ask, instead: “What can I learn today that will put me in a better financial position in the future”

Don’t ask: “How can I find a husband (or wife) today?” Ask instead: “How can I be more like the person I would love to attract today”

Your questions should be centred around GROWTH and FEELING… How you want to grow and develop, and how you want to feel.

Have fun with it, ask many questions, many different questions every day, and keep them on your mind all day. You’ll notice you start seeking out those answers all day, consciously trying to be that person, and feel those feelings from your questions.

Ask a great question and you might just get some magical answers.


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