Life Is A Game And Everyone Can Win – Motivational Video

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Speaker: Freddy Fri
Artwork Copyright Fearless Soul, by 8thDamon

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Transcript – Life Is A Game – Motivational Video

Life is too short to be taken too seriously.
Live light. 

Treat life as a game. It is. And guess what?
 You make the rules.

You would think, given we KNOW life is so short, you would think given we all KNOW we are going to die, that as human beings, we might make the MOST out of their lives.
Not stress, knowing that nothing will matter in the end.
 Not seek more and more things to complete us, knowing that we can’t take any of it with us.

You would think that, but we all know it is not the case.
Life is a game, and everyone can play.
 Everyone can WIN.
 You WIN by taking control of your mind.
 By learning how to control your emotions.
 By committing to growing your emotional muscle every day. 
By focusing on the POSITIVES, not getting lost in the negative.

Did you know you can be HAPPY
? Regardless of your circumstances.
 I bet they didn’t teach you that in school.

Any emotional state can be achieved by anyone, it all depends on how YOU view your life and your life challenges.
 Past and present. When you treat life as a game, it becomes a fun adventure. 
It becomes lighter.
 Less serious.
 Isn’t that how it’s meant to be?

Lighten up! 
Let’s play! 

Lighten up. 
Let’s WIN this game of life.


How many times today can I be happy?
 Truly happy. Authentic happiness. 
Because i know, if i am looking for it consistently, it will show up consistently. That is law.
If i focus on it, it will come about.
 So my INTENTION is to find as many ways as possible to be HAPPY today, and to make those around me happy. 
I will write down my results, and tomorrow I will aim to beat it.

How positive can I be when faced with big challenges? 
I won’t go seeking challenges, but when they do come up, as I know they do for all of us, my INTENTION is to respond with positivity, with compassion and with non judgement.
 Nothing good has ever come from a negative reaction, I know that, so my FOCUS will be on filling myself up with positivity, so i can handle any situation.

How many times can I GIVE today.
Today my INTENTION is to give to others. It doesn’t have to be money or things. I might give a smile, a hug, an ear to listen or some words of encouragement. 
I know that positivity can change someones day. I know giving to others can mean so much more to the receiver than they could ever express, and i know giving is it’s own reward.
 My INTENTION is to GIVE to as many people as possible today, and tomorrow I will try and better it.

Remember you can always WIN this game of life.
Is your INTENTION on winning?
Is your ATTENTION on winning?
Is your INTENTION to be positive?
To GROW and LEARN every day.
To live in non-seriousness. 
To learn from the happiest, most successful people on the planet. 

It’s all up to you.
Let’s play.

life is a game