In this great speech with Tom Bilyeu, Jason Silva talks about how we can get out of our heads and create a life full of wonder.

This Is How You Create A Life That Is WONDER-FULL – Jason Silva – TRANSCRIPT

For me the most healing insight, which I think is the solution to so many of our anguishes and agonies is to just be present

The diseases of mental distress… too much anxiety and depression are diseases of getting too caught up in our own narrative about who we are and what we’re doing here and are we successful enough or no, we’re not successful enough.

Becoming overly identified with the voice in your head.

Now those of us that are highly driven, highly caught up in our own thoughts can create a kind of wall between us and the world.

It’s like the ego is so obsessed with scaling and or climbing and or succeeding that the self obsession becomes like a storm in your head.

You’re never good enough or you’re anxious, you’re going to fail. 
You’re comparing yourself to others and then eventually those thoughts become patterns that trap you.

What is actually needed then for healing is regular encounters with experiences that hurl you into the flow of a present that is wonder full… WONDER-FULL.

It’s the experiences that smack you over the face and shake the snow globe shaking the snow globe resets the system.
It’s the unexpected feeling of like being struck by something so magnificent that it takes your breath away.

I need to curate my life around regular encounters with experiences that quiet the inner chatter, enough that allow me to merge with my environment, become enmeshed with visceral art, travel, encounters with novelty.
Anything that radically de-centres you.

I’m talking about losing track of your own boundaries. Feeling like, wow, being hung upside down for a while, like that was amazing because I got to behold the miracles that we live next to often and ignore, and the stillness or the meditative trance can be very healing because when the senses heightened, deeply engaged, stakes are high.

All of those obsessive, intrusive thoughts aren’t there.

Engaged with a world that’s full of mystery. 
Evoke and experience of radical presence and absolute ecstatic surrender.



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