All of us can probably admit that we spend a little TOO much time on our phones and devices. Yet despite many of us being aware of this fact, we are so addicted to those little machines that we simply can’t help ourselves! The delight of receiving notifications, messages, calls and the release of oxytocin we get is often too much to resist for us mere mortals.

The sad part about this is that in some cases, technology is being overused in our lives and it is distracting us from being present with life, and the people in it. (The real ones not the ones on the internet).

So how can we develop a healthier relationship with technology? Is there even such a thing?

4 Ways To Help You Stay Off Technology And Connect To The World Around You

1. Make A Decision

Any change in life begins with a decision. Take a moment to really consider why you want to spend less time on technology. Is it to spend more time with family? Is it to be able to exercise a little more? Knowing your reason will help when the temptation to reach for your phone sets in.

4 Ways To Help You Stay Off Technology And Connect To The World Around You Every single incredible human achievement in history, all started with a single decision.

2. Set A Timer

When you do use your phone or other devices, set a timer. If you want to scroll Instagram and check out cat videos, all good, just try setting a 10-minute timer so that you don’t end up looking at a quiz to find out which kind of cheese you are.

3. Do Not Disturb

When you really don’t want to be bothered, switch your phone to do not disturb mode. This will allow you the time to focus on what is in front of you, whether that’s spending time with loved ones or getting some work done.

4. Out Of Sight

Another option is to move your phone or devices out of sight and out of reach when you are with people, or even when you are on your own. Try having a place in your home that you keep your phone so you have to get up to reach it. Make a rule to not have devices during certain times, for example, at dinner, to help encourage real-life connection.

Technology is so beneficial if used in measured and conscious amounts. When we take ownership of our actions and choose to measure our time in this way, we create a much healthier relationship with our phones and likely, with our family and friends too.

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