There are going to be times when we feel overwhelmed.

Life, family, relationships, responsibilities of work, dealing with our own thoughts and feelings.  We can also feel overwhelm when things are not happening as quickly as what we would like them to, when change seems slow, or when we are feeling out of control within our current  conditions.

As a conscious creator we can influence our response to conditions and eventually affect outcomes with our focus and attention.   Abraham – Hicks talks about these times as being step 1 moments, when you are aware of contrasting conditions that are not yet matching up with your desires.

How To Sooth Feelings Of Being Overwhelmed

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Speaker: Jess Shepherd
In these moments I would like to help you sooth yourself because after your all, worrying and stressing about situations with intense attention and focus on the problem is not going to help, in-fact it will enhance the feeling of overwhelm and keep what you really want at bay.

So with a few deep breaths in and out, feeling the air coming into your body and the air leaving your body, in and out, feeling your body relaxing.  Talking in first person for you.

Everything is all right

I am going to be ok

Everything is all right.

Just relax, breathe

I can take this moment to chill, to relax, nothing has to be done right now in this very moment.

It’s ok, everything is going to work out

Everything eventually works out for me, even if I don’t understand it right now, it’s ok, it’s all right, everything is going to work out for the best in the long run.

I can relax, I can relax into everything I have to do.

I can breathe deeply first, everything is going to be all right

Just relax and breathe, it’s ok it’s all right.

I can reset every time I start to feel overwhelmed, I can start to think about things that make me feel good, I can reset while I’m sleeping at night, I can start with feeling good, I can start with thinking about nice easy things, I can think about nice easy things when I become aware of worrying or stressing.

It’s all right, it’s ok, and everything is working out perfectly for me.  I am going to keep thinking happy thoughts, it’s ok, it’s all right.  Others might not understand, it’s ok, it’s all right they don’t have to.  Everything is working out great for me, life is unfolding really well and I can sooth myself, I can be my own best friend, I can help myself feel better.

Instead of focusing on the problems, I can focus on things that make me feel good, I can change my focus.

What makes me feel good….. Looking at the clouds and the sky makes me feel good, watching the clouds pass and change as they move in the sky makes me feel relaxed.  I can breathe when I look at the sky and take a moment to watch the clouds passing.  It’s all right, everything works out for me, it’s ok.

I feel good when I listen to music I enjoy, if I don’t start dancing around in that moment I can feel my body dancing on the inside, that makes me feel good.  Thinking about or literally moving my body makes me feel good, I love the way I feel free when I dance, I love the way great music makes my body feel inspired to move.  I love the way thought seems to stop when I’m inspired to move my body to great music.

I enjoy looking at nature, when I look at trees and birds and green grass or glistening water that makes me feel good too.  I can relax and take a deep breath when I look at how beautiful nature is.  I love looking at all the wonderful colours that nature provides.  I love the moment when I slow down enough and really see all the various colours that exist in nature.  It makes me feel good to appreciate nature.  Even if I can’t see nature right now, I can imagine it, I can imagine being in a beautiful forest or watching a magnificent sunset.

I love the feeling of swimming.  I love how free and weightless I feel in the water, I love how cool the water feels on my skin, how it surrounds my body and supports me.

Its ok, everything is all right, I can trust that everything is going to work out, I trust in the process of my life unfolding really well.

It’s all right, it’s all right, I am doing really well, I have grown a lot in my life so far, I am doing really well, I am spending much more time being happy than I ever have before, it’s all right, life is good, everything is working out really good for me.

It’s all right.  It’s all right.



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