7 Laws of A Peaceful Mind: Peace is Greater Than Power

Nothing is more important than peace. Not even success. There are many people with millions of dollars in their account but they have no mental peace.

When you are peaceful, you are able to think clearly, brainstorm creative ideas, and follow through on your plans. When you are stressed all the time, it only reflects in your results.

Here are the seven laws of peace that will help you restore the balance in your life.

1. Make Peace With Your Past

You can’t walk your way through life with one foot in the past. It’s important that you make peace with whatever happened in your past. If it’s bothering you, do whatever you need to do to find closure.

If you feel guilt, regret, sorrow, or shame because of something that happened in the past, learn your lessons and move on. If you have done something wrong to someone, make amends. If you are confused, talk to a trusted friend or seek professional help.

The past should make you feel good about the memories you’ve made and teach you important lessons. Resolve your past to have a peaceful mind.

2. Stop Worrying About What Others Think

People often never take risks in their career because they’re too worried about what other will think of their actions. Some never quit a boring job to become a musician or a dancer. Because they need to look successful in front of their friends and so they sacrifice their dreams. But they don’t realize that they can become successful even by doing what they love.

Stop living your life seeking approval from others. You are your best judge and there’s nothing more intelligent than the voice of your own heart. Follow your heart to cultivate a peaceful mind.

3. Time Heals Almost Everything

Sometimes all we need to do is cut ourselves some slack and make time for our wounds to heal. Of course, it’s also what you do with the time that heals you from within.

Because one can drown themselves in alcohol or take other self-destructive pathway to cope with the pain. Or one can become aware of the pain and take constructive measures such as exercise, yoga, or therapy to deal with the pain in a healthy way.

Give your wounds enough time to heal and you’ll have a peaceful mind.

4. You & No One Else Is Responsible For Your Happiness

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Only after you take full responsibility for your life can you make any change. People who blame other people or external circumstances for their shortcomings are not only wrong, but they also give their power away.

The solution is to take responsibility and create your life the way you want it. If you want more money, build professional skills; if you want a relationship, start meeting like-minded people. Moreover, happiness is also about what you focus on. Focus on the good and you’ll be happy, focus on the bad and you’ll be miserable. Take control of your mind, your focus and you’ll have a peaceful mind.

5. Never Compare Yourself to Others Because Their Journey is Totally Different

When we compare ourselves to others, be it in terms of financial success, looks, or whatever it is – we do injustice to ourselves. Everyone is on their own journey. Look at how far you’ve come and honor yourself for your efforts.

Sometimes when we feel low, we forget how strong we are. It’s important to honor your own journey and not focus on others to have a peaceful mind.

peaceful mind

6. Stop Overthinking. It’s Okay Not to Know All The Answers

It’s okay to not know everything. In fact, the most successful people in the world don’t know everything. They just take action and figure out the answers along the way. And this is how they cultivate a peaceful mind, free of overthinking.

Everyone, no matter how successful or popular, is figuring out life along the way. Life is like riding a bicycle. You can’t be too afraid of falling or you won’t enjoy the ride. And you can’t learn how to ride unless you take the risk.

7. Smile. You Don’t Have to Solve All The Problems in the World

The biggest gifts in the world are the simplest of things. Always keep a smile on your face, not because life is easy, but because it is worth it.

If President Obama could exude charisma and keep smiling in his public appearances while running an entire country, you sure can keep a smile no matter how hard life gets.



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