Every breakup sucks, who wouldn’t rather have a ‘happy ever after’ as opposed to another lesson? Let’s face it, breakups suck.

They leave your self-image shattered when you look in the mirror, they leave you broken, unwilling to get out of your bed in the morning. They leave you lonely, isolated in your room for days on end, unable to trust others. Love is such a strange concept, it can heal and remedy just as it can tear and hurt.

But in the end, if we let it, time will always bring us back to our feet. The most valuable lessons in life come from our stumbles and falls. Here are some lessons that perhaps you should learn if you’ve had a recent breakup.

Breakdowns Create Breakthroughs: 3 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From a Relationship BreakUp

Lesson #1 | Learn How to Trust

The first step in loving someone is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and learning how to trust them. Throughout life, it is easy to see the world as your enemy. I thought that everyone had ill-intentions towards me, so I built up a wall to protect myself and many go down the same path, but now is not the time to shut yourself away.

Breakups can absolutely shatter peoples’ sense of trust in others, but in hindsight, maybe the world isn’t as cruel as one might think. During your relationship, did your loved one take their time to check up on you during the day? Did they take time out of their lives to annoy you in the mornings, afternoons and at night? They cared for you and even though your time wasn’t meant to be forever, the memories will stay.

There are people in this world who do have your best intentions at heart. Have faith in that. Trust these people.

3 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From a Relationship BreakUp relationship love marriage romance breakup heart ache sad lonely romance sex love You could meet somebody today who has better intentions for you than someone you’ve known your whole life. time means nothing. Character does.

Lesson #2 | Learn to Appreciate What You Have

The next step in loving someone is appreciating them and letting that person know that you do. As the old saying goes, sometimes we have to lose something or someone before we realize how much we do love them. 

It becomes quite easy to take the people around us for granted. A true lover would’ve always been there for you, making you forget the feeling of loneliness. Let them know that you appreciate that. Don’t expect them to stay if they don’t feel appreciated.

If you love someone, tell them. Don’t wait for the right time, a certain hour or day. Just tell them. Tell them that you love them before it’s too late. Before the time’s gone. Appreciate every little blessing you are given. Whether that be the warmth of a loving, caring partner, a warm blanket or simply a warm cup of coffee in the morning. Appreciate every little bit.

 You‘ll never be too much for someone who can‘t get enough of you 3 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From a Relationship BreakUp relationship love marriage romance breakup heart ache sad lonely romance sex love

Lesson #3 | Learn How to Love Yourself

You can’t expect someone else to love you when you don’t even love yourself. In today’s world, we’re so intent on comparing ourselves to others. Oftentimes, this leads to us feeling inadequate, festering self-hatred and inner disgust for our own existences.

Before you go running through the fields looking for a partner, make sure that you perceive yourself as someone worth loving. How can you love someone else, when you can’t even love yourself? That was a question I got often. The answer was: You really can’t.

Love yourself, before trying to love others. The world can love you, but if you do not perceive yourself the same way, the world’s opinion does not matter.



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