How to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” ― Blaise Pascal, Pensées

We all become too critical when things aren’t going right. We become agitated, blame ourselves or others. But if we look closely, the real problem is our inability to be patient and compassionate with ourselves.

Here is how to feel comfortable with yourself:

1. Talk to Yourself

Most people think talking to yourself is crazy. It is actually crazy helpful.

The way we build relationships with our loved ones is by talking to them, understanding their emotions and knowing what matters to them. But how often do we talk to ourselves?

The truth is you do talk to yourself when you’re trying to wake up in the morning, when you come home drunk, and want to hide it from your parents and on many similar occasions. But you rarely talk to yourself as if you were meeting your best friend every day.

To be comfortable in your own skin, the first step is to build a healthy relationship with yourself. Understand your core values, needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

To start a conversation with yourself, simply ask questions and then listen to the answers that come spontaneously. Questions such as:

“Am I satisfied with the flow of my life?”

“What people or events do I really feel thankful for?”

“What do I want to accomplish in the coming weeks and months?”

“What do I want to change?”

How to feel comfortable with yourself: Talk to yourself every day and become aware of the relationship with yourself.

How To Develop Self-Confidence:

2. Practice Self-Care

We use our physical and mental resources to get work done, to socialize with friends and family, but we rarely prioritize time for self-care. And that robs us of the nourishment we need and deserve.

There are many ways to practice self-care:

  • Treat yourself to some ice-cream
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Watch your favorite movie or TV show
  • Take a warm shower
  • Go for a walk
  • Draw in an adult-coloring book
  • Call your best friend
  • Give yourself a massage

Practicing self-care will give you the strength to tackle any challenge that life throws at you. Build a regular self-care ritual and it will serve as a powerful tool in your arsenal.

How to feel comfortable with yourself: Build a self-care ritual. 

3. Embrace Your Flaws

Generally, people get too caught up in their insecurities. We constantly judge ourselves on how we look, how we talk, or what we do. But we should remember that imperfection is its own form of beauty. Everyone has imperfections and everyone is work-in-progress.

For example, Madonna has proven her mettle as a terrific singer, but her life story speaks of vulnerability and her onstage persona is often perceived as overly sexual and a bit obnoxious.

But guess what? She doesn’t care what others think. Her flaws and setbacks have made her the person she is today. She has inspired many women to stand their ground no matter how hard life gets.

How to feel comfortable with yourself: See your flaws as things that make you unique and accept that you’re a work-in-progress.

What Is Life About – Inspirational Video:

4. Practice Being Alone

To become comfortable in your body, you have to become its friend, give it some quality time as if it’s your most valuable possession (which it is, right?).

In today’s world, people distract themselves with smartphones when their mind bombards them with any uncomfortable thoughts. When they feel bored, they go on Facebook and check out the latest “stories”. But the most important story they need to listen to is their own.

So what should you do being alone? Initially, you may feel a little discomfort. But after a few minutes, you’ll learn about your deeper longings that you’ve been ignoring.

Your vision of where you are today and where you want to go will get crystal clear and as a result, you’ll feel balanced inside, confident in the knowledge that everything will take care of itself.

How to feel comfortable with yourself: Practice being alone, go to the park or sit in your room and just be with your feelings.



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