If you are struggling attracting great things into your life experience, the most simple, and perhaps best principle you could come to KNOW about the law of attraction, is that the better you FEEL, the better you ATTRACT.
The better you FEEL about what is coming into your life, the better will flow into your experience.
Everything anyone wants is really a FEELING. If you say you want money, you really want the FEELING you think the money will bring (Security, Happiness, Pride) whatever the reason, you don’t really seek the pieces of paper.
You can have unlimited abundance if you first start getting into an abundant MINDSET. When you control your emotions you are in control of your life.

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Feel Good NOW – Attract GREAT Later (Law Of Attraction) Transcript

We are going to start at the end.
This is the point of your story. The point and PURPOSE of your life here on this earth, in this body is to FEEL GOOD.

All alignment, all happiness, joy and abundance on every single level, COMES from and is BORN from FEELING GOOD.

If you want to successfully manifest anything in your life, a great house, car, job, money, the life partner of your dreams, the successful business, a happy family. All the spiritual alignment you seek, the insight, the intuition, the connections and opportunities, come from feeling good NOW.
It all starts and ends with a FEELING. That is the point. You want all those things to feel good and in order to get them you need to feel good about them. That is aligning with them.

Where is your FOCUS, where is your attention?.
Is your focus and attention on things that make you feel bad about yourself, your life or the life of others?
Complaining, winging, doubting, telling stories of how you’re not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, putting yourself down, feeling like you don’t deserve to have what you really want, is not EVER GOING TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.

Let’s change this and talk to yourself like your own best friend. Like the very best friend that could ever exist!. Lift yourself up, say nice things to yourself, and think about what is already great in your life. BE the most uplifting, “no excuses because I know how awesome you are” FRIEND TO YOURSELF!!

You always have a choice and everyday you wake, you have a new opportunity, a new start, a new beginning.

How AWESOME IS this LIFE experience. You can reset every day.
Start tomorrow with a new focus. Focus on thoughts that make you feel good.
Conditions will improve automatically when you focus UNCONDITIONALLY on feeling good.

Get into a feeling good place and return to it, PRACTISE it until it becomes your way of BEING.
What you will ALLOW into your experience by feeling good, in as many moments in time as possible, will astound and amaze you. The momentum will build, the flow will build.
Focus on things that make you feel good. ALLOW yourself to feel good.

The better it gets the BETTER EVERYTHING gets. It just takes a little practise to take your attention away from UNWANTED THOUGHTS.

What you attract will be aligned with what you are feeling good about, because that is where your focus is.

Eventually you will come to realize that the stuff you want is not ULTIMATELY necessary, because you will have an AWARNESS of the miraculous happening, all the time along the way. You will FEEL how much happiness and joy you can experience, without needing the manifestation to physically show itself.
THE FUN OF THE CREATION PROCESS is extremely fulfilling. The inspiration and action that flows from this awareness is invigorating and energising.
The FUN of choosing, focusing and allowing, will be more fulfilling than all the wonderful things you create.
There in that place, it is like BLISS, it is like heaven on earth, it is peaceful, joyful and every moment oozes with abundance.
That is when you KNOW you are a powerful creator.

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