5 Principles to Live By For a Happier, More Fulfilled Life

What is the meaning of life? There is no precise, definitive meaning for every human. What I mean of course is that every individual has defined their own life meaning through their own life experiences and that meaning is as unique as the individuals themselves. These 5 principles to live by, however, can act as a great foundation for anyone wanting to get back on track to a more complete, fulfilled life.

You may be guided by one principle alone, although all are extremely important and when they are all locked into place in your life I would suggest it would be near impossible not to feel good.


1. The Better You Feel, The Better You Attract

Get in alignment with abundance by FOCUSING on all the things you DO want, and removing your attention away from (and not fighting against) everything you don’t want. It has been said by almost every great teacher in some form that whatever any of us want, whether money, possessions, perfect relationships – the reason we REALLY want these things is because we believe we will FEEL better in having them. So it is not the thing, person or event we want, but the feeling we THINK it will give us. When you underwent that, you can then train yourself to create the feeling first. You don’t need to wait for anything to feel good now.

Abraham Hicks: Speed Up Your Abundance by Feeling Good NOW

2. You Can Only Thrive When You Are TRULY YOURSELF!

You can not be happy in life if you are always playing roles to suit other people’s needs. You can not be truly happy if you are always being who other people want to see, not who YOU want to be. When you are truly yourself, your unique, fully expressed self, great things and perfect people are attracted to you.

to live by


Whatever you place after I AM guides your life like no other. Incantations can be so powerful, when practised consistently and BELIEVED as they send a message to your sub-conscious which will then bring it into reality.
When you understand there is more to this life than money and possessions, when you can get to the point where you NEED nothing, you will become free.

“There is nothing in the material world i need. Everything is just a play of form.
Whatever comes i am grateful for but i KNOW no circumstance, good or bad is really WHO I AM”

“Once you realize you are complete, then this life becomes a play of form. Something to toy with, and play with” – Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey – We are Eternal

4. Give.

Giving really is life’s greatest gift. When you make your life about GIVING, genuine giving, and take the attention off “what is in it for me” everything becomes so much more meaningful. Ask yourself “
How can i serve?”. “
How can i improve the lives of all the people i came into contact with today?” It might simply be giving your time to someone. It might be giving some guidance or an ear to listen. Whatever it is, give without ever expecting anything in return.

5. Live In The Present Moment.

When you are truly present, living in the moment right in front of you, there are zero problems. Make it your life’s mission to spend more time in presence: When you are with your friends, your children, when you go for walks, whenever you can. Quiet the mind and that voice in your head that (for most humans) never stops and interferes with our quality of life NOW.

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”