We have all heard the saying “good things take time.”

While true, how many of us are able to adopt this concept in our day to day lives?

When a baby is born, we don’t rush it into becoming a toddler. When we plant a rose, we don’t complain to the seed while it takes it’s time to grow and strengthen before becoming a plant and eventually blooming.

So why do we not adopt the same gentleness with our lives?

What is it about “growing up” and becoming adults that makes us forget to allow ourselves the space to grow, learn and expand.

Faith: The Key To Releasing Control And Allowing Life To Go At Its Own Pace Dr. Wayne Dyer You have to just be, you have to let go, you have to allow, you have to be free and make this your consciousness.

As human beings, we are an extension of the planet that we live on. We are an organism that inhabits this space called planet Earth.

The difference between us and the grass we walk upon is simply self-awareness.

We have a consciousness within us that makes us self aware, we are able to self reflect and make decisions based upon that reflection.

We have the power to analyse and dissect our lives and even our own psyche, which of course has many benefits.

But what happens when this self-analysis cause us to become out of balance?

What if the self-awareness we have is actually working against us? Put simply, this lack of balance puts us out of touch with nature.

When we become heavily focused on ourselves and all the things we need to “do” or “achieve” we fall out of balance. With self-awareness also comes self-doubt, self-judgement and self-criticism. We may tell ourselves that we are driven and focused, but if this focus is at the cost of your joy then it has to change.

So what is the solution? What is the antidote to the pressure that comes with self-awareness?

It’s simple. Faith.

When we have faith in God, The Universe or a power that is greater than ourselves, it becomes far easier to allow things to unfold in our lives.

With faith, comes trust.

Having faith does not then mean that we do not honour the need for control in the aspect of our lives where it serves us.

What it does mean is that the pressure that has been created internally for you can release, you can finally breathe a little deeper into your belly and accept the natural ebb and flow of life.

Learning to expand your life and your experience without pressure is not about putting more pressure on yourself! It’s about accepting that perhaps your current standard of living needs to shift and taking responsibility to change it.

What could you learn if you finally let go?



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