Most people look up to the sky in hope all their problems will disappear and a magic wand will be waived over their life, once and for all. The problem is, that all the struggles are sent for a purpose, they are sent to build character, strength. They are sent to make us appreciate the GREAT things in our lives. If everything were perfect for everyone, all the time, this life would be pretty boring, and this world would lack anyone of character. Try looking within for your strength and allow your intuition guide you to the right destination.

Don’t Look Up – Look Within – Inspirational Video

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Transcript: Don’t Look Up – Look Within – Inspirational Video

Why do you make me suffer?
Make me wait?
Hold me back…
From being great?

Why the pain?
Why the failures?
Why the struggle?
Why all the pain?
It’s not what I asked for.
Don’t want to play the game.

I said I’ll open the door.
I didn’t say I’ll walk you through it.
You must do your bit.
You must learn a little bit. 
Suffer a little bit.
Grow a little bit.
So you know the contrast.

You asked for patience.
So I gave you line ups.
I made you wait.
Because that’s how you grow.
That’s how you KNOW.
Know what you want. 
KNOW the difference.

You asked for love.
I gave you a broken heart.
So you know the difference.
Between real and fake.
Between average and great.

I can open the door.
I can guide you through.
But you must walk through.
You must keep your eyes open
See the message, see the cues.
Know what you must do.
You must play your part.

Don’t look up.
Look within.
Within yourself.
That’s where I am.
I will always guide you.
Open your ears.
Open your heart.
Don’t get lost.
In human directions.
Your intuition is the guide.
The real journey, the best ride.

Look within

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