The luxury of being able to spend time alone is becoming rare.

We live in a world where we are constantly being exposed to people. Whether it’s in person, over the phone or online, we are constantly “in touch” with the people in our world.

And in lots of ways, this is a great thing! Being connected to our tribe is a fundamental human need. We need to know that we have a community around us in order to feel safe, loved and supported.

But when we do this continuously we can actually forget how to BE without the influence of other people.

This is why learning to love your own company is so important.

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When You Learn To Love Your Own Company These 4 Things Will Happen

1. Your Mind Will Clear

Our minds are in a constant state of chatter. Sometimes it can feel like a jungle in there! When we take time to be in our own company, we give ourselves the opportunity to clear out a lot of that mental chatter and tune into our inner voice, our intuition. From this place, we can make better decisions and overall achieve a much greater sense of peace and clarity.When You Learn To Love Your Own Company These 4 Things Will Happen Clear your mind your heart is trying to tell you something.

2. You’ll Remember What You Love

When you spend time alone without the influence of other people you are able to reconnect to the things that you love and make you happy! This can mean doing something creative like painting or drawing, or even a hobby you love that you can’t do with other people. Indulging in your creativity without the influence of others is a beautiful way to connect to your self.

3. You Will Feel At Peace

When you spend time alone, you give yourself a gift. Sometimes, the people around us can cause us stress. Family friends, work colleagues can all put pressure on us, whether they mean to or not! When we are alone we have an opportunity to rest and renew.

4. Your Relationships Will Improve

It’s interesting to note that by spending time alone we actually get better at relating to others. This is for a couple of reasons, the first being that when you spend time alone, you then value the time with others more highly. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by peoples presence, you embrace it!

Secondly, when we take time alone to understand and value ourselves, we are better able to understand and value others. We build our empathy, compassion and patience. 

While it’s true we all need to spend time with others, its clear that time alone is just as important.

Do you like to spend time alone? I’d love to know what you have gained from it! Share your experiences with us below.