A Story About Life Everyone Should Hear and Learn From

Life is short. LIVE it with every ounce of your soul.

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Speaker: Bobby Baker

Transcript – A Story About Life Everyone Should Hear and Learn From –  (Motivational Speech)

Let me tell you a story… It’s a story about life… A story about what is likely coming your way

If you don’t understand the power of human life… Then human life will be hard

If you DO understand how great YOU CAN be… Your life will be whatever you want it to be.

When you grow up, it’s likely many will encourage you down paths you don’t want to go. Paths never meant for you.
 Many will believe THEY know what is best for YOU. How can anyone else know what is best for you? They can’t. Only you know what is best for you.

Let me make it clear… NO ONE, not even your mom or your dad, no one, knows what is best for you, except YOU.

Always be gracious enough to listen to others opinions, but be strong enough to know they are just opinions. You decide what is YOUR TRUTH.

How do you know what is your truth? You feel it in your heart. That is called your intuition. It never lies, it always knows the right path to choose. Just make sure you get still, quiet and listen You can’t hear your intuition when it is clouded by noise.

When life is loud, and the noise is deafening, take a moment, be alone and be still, you will hear the answers. You’ll hear the truth.

Some may say it is selfish to do only what is best for you…
 You will soon learn that is not true. For what is best for you, is always what is best for others. 
 Especially those that don’t understand what is best for them.

Don’t be a people pleaser, You will end up pleasing no one.

When you go to school, they will teach you it is best to play it safe. Get a job, something secure, do what everyone else does…

Do your best, in everything you do… Learn all you can. Grow all you can, and know it doesn’t matter your education, or qualifications, it matters your will. A piece of paper doesn’t determine your outcome – you do.

Do what is right. Not what is easy. The easy option almost always leads to a hard life.

I want to give you life’s greatest gift… The gift is not money. It is not anything of financial value… But it is much more valuable

It is the gift of KNOWING that you control your thoughts. The gift of KNOWING you can have be and do anything you want in this world. There are no limits to what you can achieve. I want you to feel the truth in that, feel it with all your heart… Because the people that achieve great things in this world are the ones that believe they can achieve great things.


You will attract into your life whatever it is you believe you deserve.

You were not put on this earth to be like everyone else, be the greatest version of YOU.

Yes, you will have to work hard to make things happen. Yes, you will have to persist. Yes you will go through many ups and downs, and yes you will have to learn the hard way. Yes, LIFE WILL CHALLENGE YOU. LIFE WILL TEST YOU… But know always there are no mistakes.

I want you to know that deep down people are good. Have compassion for others.

I want you to know that you are blessed.

I want you to know the greatest power on earth is in one word:

If you are grateful every day for WHAT YOU DO HAVE: You will soon have more to be grateful for.

If you aren’t grateful for anything, if you complain about everything, you will soon have much more to complain about.
 These are universal laws.

I want you to know that working on yourself and your happiness is just as important as working on your physical health, just as important as working on your finances, it is something you should be doing every day.

It is more important than your work, than money and anything material. With a strong mind and unbreakable spirit, nothing can ever defeat you.

I want you to know you that sometimes life isn’t fair…
 Sometimes things happen, that no one can explain or justify. Know that humans are mostly good. Even the worst among us, they have only learnt their behaviour from others. If they knew better they’d do better.

The truth is that life is a miracle. YOU are a miracle. Learn how you came into this world. That is all you need to know to believe in miracles.

TO KNOW you are here for a purpose. TO KNOW your life has immense VALUE TO KNOW you are a powerful creator.

If you look for miracles, you will see plenty, just keep your eyes open and they will appear, I promise you that.

This world, this universe is an amazing place, and every day is a new opportunity to create miracles. To create magic. To create happiness for yourself and those around you.

You write the script for your life and you hold the pen. You are the director of your life’s movie, and you can decide exactly how your character will play the role.

Know that you will never be defined by the circumstances that arrive in your life, the measure of your character will be how you react to the circumstances.

Know that in the toughest of moments we have our greatest opportunity of growth. Stay strong and always know this too shall pass. Every moment passes, and every moment is an opportunity to learn from and develop from.

Know that there will be things you don’t want to see. Try not watching the news. There is nothing there that will enhance your soul. Read books, learn from great people with kind hearts, and push yourself to develop more and more every day.

I need you to know that life is short. It’s easy to neglect this statement, as it is overused. But know the truth in it. Even a fully lived life flashes by so fast, but the truth is none of us are guaranteed time on this earth.

The fact is, our lives could end at any moment. This is not something to fear though… It is something you must embrace. Because knowing that life could end at any moment is all you need to start LIVING FULLY. Now, and every moment in the future. It’s ALL you need to know, to NEVER hesitate in going after the things you want most in life.

Never hold back in doing that which you want to do. That which you love. That which sets your soul on fire. Never hold back in telling those you love exactly how you feel.

Never have regrets. Mistakes are fine, we need them to learn from. Failures are fine, we learn and grow from them. Regrets are the worst of emotions. If your heart is pulling you somewhere, GO THERE and GO FULLY.

Do your best in every moment. Because giving your best in this moment will lead to your best outcome in the next moment. Complete nothing half hearted. If you are taking part, you are taking part with all your soul.

Be kind to others. Even the happiest of people on the outside fight battles on the inside you know nothing about. Your kindness could make all the difference in someones life.
 Always choose kindness over being right.

No one likes a person who has to be right all the time. It is not important to be right, even when you know you are. It is important to be kind.

I want you to know it will never be important what others say about you. It will only be important if you let it enter your heart. YOU ALWAYS have the power, the choice of what you do and do not let affect you.

No one will ever care what you do, no one will care about your material possessions, the car you drive or your bank balance.
 They will care about how you made them feel. They will care if you heard their voice, if they mattered to you.

What is lacking in this world is people with a kind heart who USE their kind heart. I know you have a big heart. USE IT. I know you have compassion. USE IT. I know you are kind. Be kind.

If you make a mistake, take responsibility. You will soon find that those that can not take responsibility for their own actions will always be fighting a losing battle. Don’t blame anyone else for your situation. Be strong enough to take responsibility and move forward with your life.

The past is gone, the future is not guaranteed and the NOW is where you will always BE.

Be present… always giving 100% in your NOW. Don’t stress about the past or worry about the future, the past is gone and the future is out of your control.

And finally, I want to share with you the secret of life, that will help you attract more than everything you’ve ever wanted… Be happy.

You don’t need the money, the house, the things that don’t matter.

Do what makes you happy. Spend time with people who make you smile. Do more of what makes you happy, and life will deliver more to be happy about.

LOVE LIFE and life will love you back.

you can have anything

If you don’t understand the power of human life... Then human life will be hard
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