Affirmations are a superb tool for living with positive intention, focusing on your goals, and even for more profound meditation. However, if your statements are merely wishes or dreams that aren’t believable to your rational mind, they will be counterproductive and possibly sow doubt and uncertainty.

For affirmations to be the most effective, they should feel truthful and fill you with hope, excitement, and joy. You should have a strong connection to your affirmations. Being able to fully believe them while you say or write them is critical.

If you’re currently struggling with affirmations that express your wishes but don’t feel believable to you. There is a way to transform your affirmations into powerful statements of attraction.

As an example, the affirmation I am wealthy represents something many desire but also contains a quality that many people feel is too far from their reality. So here’s how to transform I am wealthy into a powerful, believable affirmation that will support you in becoming more abundant.

How To Turn Affirmations Into Beliefs With These 3 Attracting Steps

1. Create Affirmations That Are True Now | Turn Affirmations Into Beliefs

When choosing affirmations that you want to work with, write or pick statements that you already know to be true now. If you wish to use I am wealthy because that’s what you want to attract in your life, but you’re living in poverty, then that phrase will present a contradiction to your logical mind.

Instead, think about the real world qualities that you believe wealth will provide. Abundance, safety, security, comfort, joy, excitement, freedom are some qualities associated with having wealth. Choose the quality that most resonates with what you desire and create a new affirmation with that. For example, if you chose the quality of abundance, I am abundant, or I have abundance are your new affirmations.

Since abundance is a quality that you can have no matter how much or how little material wealth you have, your brain will believe this as the truth now.

2. Acknowledge the Evidence of Your Affirmations | Turn Affirmations Into Beliefs

While you’re repeating, writing, or thinking I am abundant. Physically notice and take in all of the abundance around you. Even though you might want to attract even more wealth into your life. You can still see and be grateful for all of the wealth you have now.

Look at the computer or the device in front of you. Feel the warmth of the couch or the bed. Notice the softness and comfort of the blankets and pillows around you. Gaze at the walls of your safe home, taste the nourishing food you’re eating, enjoy the clean water you’re drinking.

Don’t stop there. Continue to acknowledge and thank the Universe for everything wondrously abundant in your life.How To Turn Affirmations Into Beliefs With These 3 Attracting Steps confident visualise visualise visualisation visualizationI am abundant affirmation law of attraction self talk fearless soul

3. Live Your Affirmations | Turn Affirmations Into Beliefs

Now that you abide in the feelings and truth of your affirmation take small actions that continue to affirm the abundance that you have.

For example, maybe you seek out abundant-minded people, spend some of your spare time volunteering, or treat yourself to something you can easily afford but brings you joy.

And abundance goes far beyond material abundance. Maybe you spend more time with family and friends and enjoy the wealth of love and laughter. Or perhaps you spend some free time out in nature and absorb the rich beauty of the earth.

By choosing affirmations that are true and express the quality of what you want to attract, acknowledging how present that quality is in your life now, and living it now your affirmations will go from being merely a wish to your current beliefs – and become your reality.



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