Keanu Reeves is most famous for his role in The Matrix trilogy that went on to become one the biggest franchises in the early 2000’s. Financially, Keanu Reeves was set for life after the movies earning an estimated $100 million dollars. He used his success in the movies to work with some of the greatest actors he loved like Gene Hackman and Al Pacino.

From the outside, Keanu Reeves looks like another Hollywood success story. But Keanu Reeves journey to success did not come easy. Here are the details of the heartbreaking but truly inspiring story of Keanu Reeves.

The Early Tragedies of Keanu Reeves

At three years old his father left their family and didn’t stay in contact after moving and finalizing the divorce from this mother. He attended four different high schools but constantly struggled due to dyslexia. He dropped out of school without ever earning a diploma.

After high school, he lost one of his close friends, River Phoenix (brother to Joaquin Phoenix), from a drug overdose. Less than two years after the death of his best friend Keanu and his newly married wife lost a child as she was born stillborn. The death was so tragic it ended their relationship. 18 months later his ex-wife died in a tragic car accident, losing yet another person he loved.

Despite tragic event after tragic event Keanu pushed through and went on to be an incredibly successful actor. He focused all his effort towards his career and went on to star in Hardball, Speed, Point Break, and the wildly popular John Wick franchise.

You Must Read The Heartbreaking But Powerfully Inspiring Story of Keanu Reeves

How Keanu Reeves Lives Today

Despite having an estimated net worth of $100 million dollars Keanu lives a very normal life, including riding the subway in New York City. As he said, “Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.

Keanu Reeves story, while very tragic, can still be a huge source of inspiration for people. His story shows that no matter how successful people look you have no idea what they are going through on the inside. It also shows that you should never give up when tragedy strikes. Keep pressing on, keep moving forward, and your story can also be a source of inspiration to others.

The last lesson is that money isn’t everything. Money doesn’t change things, it only magnifies what is already inside you. In Keanu’s case, it only made him more of the good person that he is. It’s been said that he gave around 75% of his money from the Matrix back to the makeup and special effects team for their amazing work.

I’m convinced he is still very popular and relevant today be he is such a good human being. Unlike other famous celebrities, he continues to stay humble and be a generally good guy. Keanu is also an active philanthropist and helps causes and organizations that have affected him personally.

If you can learn anything from this Keanu Reeves inspirational story it’s that you can always push through, even after the hardest situations.