There was once a time when the human race existed in close-knit communities. We all had our tribe. Our very survival relied upon our ability to connect, collaborate with and rely upon the strength of those around us. Humans functioned from a “we” mentality.


Now it seems the world has turned that we into me.


Maybe it’s because life was much harder when we had to hunt and gather for our food? Maybe because there was a constant threat to safety we needed the people around us more. Now, we seem to want to find fault in the people around us. 


Anyone that is seen as “different” in society becomes an enemy – or an outsider.


How on earth did we end up here?


The Power Of Connection And Why We Need It Now More Than Ever


I feel sad when I look around my own city and see the disparity of wealth and privilege. 


It hurts to think there are those of us who sleep on the street with an empty stomach, while others are sleeping comfortably like royalty in luxurious mansions with bellies full. 


The human race has made abundant leaps and advancements in science and technology, but what have we learned about connection? 


Or perhaps the better question to ask is – what have we forgotten?


I don’t have a time machine – but if I did, I have a feeling when our ancestors were learning and creating ways to advance humanity, they didn’t think that in the future we’d forget the basics of what it means to be human.


Kindness. Empathy. Respect.


What good is the capability to fly to the moon if we aren’t capable of knocking on our neighbour’s door?


We have missed the mark. And we need to fix it.


Connection to others still keeps us safe, its value has just been forgotten.


Social media has a lot to answer for – something that was initially created to connect people has become the ultimate tool in dividing us. People compete with one another for likes and followers, all while pretending to be something, or someone else, in order to validate their existence.


We have lost connection to ourselves and to others.


We have become a self-obsessed society with a drive to be “better” than or have more than others. 


We have forgotten what we are. 


What can we do? 


I think what we need is a great remembering. 


A world where we remember to celebrate connection over creating imaginary perceptions.


Where we embrace and encourage collaboration over competition.


We need to remember that we are all connected, whether we like it or not. 


And hey, maybe this seems idealistic, but I truly believe that each one of us has the power to make a difference. We just have to start in our own backyard. 


We can all practise kindness, we can all show respect for others and to ourselves. 


We just need to remember that other people are for the most part, on our side. That we all have the capacity to connect to those around us with love.


I want to end on this quote from Margaret Mead. I hope it inspires you.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”



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