Kindness is contagious. Kindness is eternal. The more you give kindess, the more you get and best of all, it never ever runs out.

That is such a comforting, wonderful thought, isn’t it?

In just a moment, by offering kindness, you can change someones whole day.

And in turn, that person can go on to change someone else’s day.

But sometimes as we go through the motions of our own lives, or when we are stressed and troubled, we can forget to be kind.

These videos will inspire you to remember your true essence of loving kindness.

6 Viral Videos That Will Make You Believe In The Power Of Kindness Again

The Video That Will Change Your Life

Being kind has the ultimate domino effect. And its outcome is a better world for all of us. One simple act of kindness can inspire people around you to do the same.

Mr Indifferent

Sometimes we can walk through life with our ‘blinkers’ on. This means we are not engaging with the world around us or seeing all the opportunities and beauty within it. Sometimes we can feel as though we are insignificant, but the truth is we all have the power to impact the world in a positive way.

Kindness Can Change Someone Forever

You don’t often gain fame or fortune for simply being kind, which is sadly perhaps why more people don’t practice it in their day to day lives. But, what you do gain when you offer kindness, can’t be measured. You gain respect, you gain happiness and peace within yourself, and you gain love.

How To Stop A Bully

Fighting fire with fire does not work. There is only one thing that can overcome hate, and the power of kindness. Even bullies who seem to be the nastiest people in the world, just need to be shown love.

Random Acts Of Kindness

Acts of kindness do not need to be monumental to have a huge impact. Something as simple as a smile or a wave can completely change someone’s day, even their whole life. You never know what people are going through and you often never know how your kindness influences others.

How You Treat People Is Who You Are

Imagine what we could achieve in the human race if we all loved one another a little more. Choose to set the example and live through, kindness, compassion, integrity and empathy, choose kindness, choose love.

Is there a video, song or book that helps to remind you to be kind? Share it with us in the comments!