Review Your Past Year So The Next Year Can Be Better! (New Year Resolutions) – Motivational Speech

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Transcript – Review Your Past Year So The Next Year Can Be Better! (New Year Resolutions)

It’s that time of year again… the new year…

Time for some new year resolutions…

But not so fast. 

Studies have shown 88% of people who set new year resolutions fail to reach them.

 In fact, the majority of those people will have quit before we are in the second month of the year!

Less than 12% do something different… they stick to their goals.

That’s the statistics. 88% fail and quit. 12% stick at it. And that doesn’t even mean the results of the 12% are lasting.

Why do that many people fail? More importantly: Why do the so few succeed?

There are 5 main reasons… listen in so you can be one of the few who conquer their goals, not just new year goals, but every kind of goals, targets and dreams you have.

Number 1: Review Your Year, Take In The Good, Notice The Blessings and Use The Lessons.

This is a powerful process. Not just in looking forward to LEARN and ACHIEVE MORE, but also looking back at how far you’ve come and being grateful for everything that was great this past year.

Get a pen and paper and write down your answers to the following questions. We will provide a download sheet in the description as well.

Think back over the past year.

Write down:

What was great this past year?

What was your favorite memory?

What were you proud of?

What was your greatest achievement?

What was your greatest lesson?

What was unacceptable from that year, in other word… What can you do BETTER?

What lessons could you take into this next year to make sure you are in a better position in 12 months time?

Number 2: Do you know where you’re going?

Most people give up on their goals and resolutions so easily because they don’t have a clear target they are working towards.

They have vague resolutions like “lose weight” or “make more money” but no plan as to how that will be achieved and no deadline for when it will be achieved by.

If it is not CLEAR it will not happen.
If it is not PLANNED it will not happen.

Get clear about the result you must have.
For example:

Get precise about the time in which you will achieve it.

“I WILL LOSE 30 POUNDS… By March 30th, 2020

Get clear about what you what and when you must have it… and you WILL HAVE IT.

Number 3: Change Your Identity

For many people their goals and resolutions fail because, although they might have a plan, they never believe they are that person that can change long term.

The person doesn’t lose weight because they identify themselves as a sweet tooth. The person doesn’t quit smoking, because they identify themselves as a smoker and they still believe they NEED IT for stress relief.

You must change HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF if you want permanent change.

DIE to your OLD-SELF so your new self can be reborn.

Number 4: Improve Your Circle

If the people around you are not supporting the POSITIVE CHANGES you want to make in your life… distance yourself from these people until you make the changes you must make.

If the same people are still not supportive after you’ve made these great changes, maybe you need to review the people you are around.

Surround yourself with people who are going to help and support you, people who want to see you make these changes permanent. 

If they are not in your immediate environment – find them online, follow positive people, people who have already achieved the results you want to achieve. Listen to their podcasts, read their books. Immerse yourself in the result you want to achieve.

Number 5: Believe.

Believe it is possible by finding stories of others who have done it before you.

Believe in yourself by taking the first step, then another and another and being aware and PROUD of your progress.

Believe you deserve this. Because YOU DO.

Don’t take your mistakes from last year into this year. USE THE PAIN. LEARN FROM IT. GROW FROM IT.

Set a new standard for your life and commit to make this coming year your best year yet!

It’s time to step into a new YOU.

review your year

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