The pace of the modern world makes it feel like we never get a break, even on holiday we are bombarded by backlogged tasks, social requests & work emails. By making your life simpler you will cut away the stress and get much more done at the same time. If you want to know how to make your life simpler, read on.

1. No TV

It’s amazing how much time TV can swallow, it may seem enjoyable but once you turn off the TV you’ll be amazed by your resourcefulness, in finding creative outlets to keep yourself entertained. Switch off the TV and you’ll find all those odds jobs you’ve been putting off, completed, and you’ll gravitate to much more rewarding endeavours.

Pick up an interesting book or even meditate for a quick mindfulness boost.

2. Simplified Wardrobe

Keep it simple. Have you noticed Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg wearing a similar outfit every day? It’s because they reserve their mental energy for the important decisions, get rid of all the clothing that you no longer wear and simplify, it will take some stress out of your morning routine and make your life simpler.

Life Advice: How Can I Make My Life Simpler? 6 Steps to Simplicity mindfulness stress meditate inner peace

3. Minimised Excess = Simpler Life

Don’t just throw out your unused clothes, throw away all of the junk you have accumulated in the house. You know 80% will never be used, it’s a great idea to conduct a ‘purge’ every 2 months. Throwing away all of the unnecessary excess around you, will help you think clearer and be more organized.

4. Put the Phone Down

It been proven the blue light from your phone keeps you awake. So set a time each night to put your phone down. The improved sleep quality will work wonders on every area of your life. 

5. Avoid Over-Scheduling

Ever find yourself agreeing to a social activity, in your spare time, that you aren’t even interested in? Our time is more limited today than ever before. Don’t be sucked in by others expectations, put yourself first and commit only to things that are entirely necessary. More time for yourself like make your life less stressful and much simpler.

6. Sunday Ritual

The ‘ritual’ occurs every Sunday. Normal working hours 8-5 are reserved for relaxation only, no phone, no emails, no TV, no distractions! Block this time out in the calendar and make sure everyone knows about the ‘ritual’ taking place as to lessen distractions.

Once you’ve had a chance to fully unwind, use the last hours of the day to write down 5 activities you plan to have done on Monday. You’ll be amazing how much this simple task can improve your productivity for the coming week, get ahead early on at work and coast to the finish line each week. Less stress and making your life simpler will be a success.