Law of Attraction: Is It Working For You?

What is law of attraction? Ever heard of how you can get something just by concentrating on your desire for it? That’s the Law of Attraction. It is the ability to attract positive or negative things simply by focusing on it.

Many people believe the law of attraction is part of what governs the Universe and it will translate thoughts of those who use the power of their mind into a materialized reality. So, how do you know it’s working? Well, there are seven signs to look for!

7 Signs It’s Working:

1. Good Vibes

Are you excited, happier, or calmer – more than usual – lately for no reason? You are picking up a Universal vibe that your thoughts and wishes are on the road to achievement. Researchers suggest that neurons in your brain fire up with anticipation that simulates the feeling of a “rush”.

Overall, you will feel an inner peace and have an awakening – including self-acceptance – with yourself.

2. Déjà Vu

Ever get a sense you have done or felt something before? That’s déjà vu and it’s a good sign for having the law of attraction. How is that?

Familiarity is what brings déjà vu and finding your place in the world is what gives it. You can even channel effectiveness by understanding high points you experience it – like time of day or being near a specific person.

3. Sensory Connections

Sensory indications are captured by three main physical sensors.

  • Seeing
  • Hearing
  • Feeling

Let’s say you have constantly been thinking about getting a job. You might start seeing a lot of job advertisements suddenly. You may hear of great job openings on the radio or through word-of-mouth.

Finally, you are filling out an application or shaking hands at an interview! Also, chills and goosebumps are signs of your body and mind picking up signals of promising vibrations.

4. Sequence Patterns

Are you seeing “11:11” a lot on the clock? How about “21:21” or “9:11”? Have you been seeing your initials around – like on a license plate – more often?

Patterns are a big indicator of the Law of Attraction working. Numerology has specific details of what certain number patterns mean; like personal growth for “21:21”. Seeing your initials indicates a two-way connection to the Universe.

5. Deep Sleep

Deep sleep is a good sign the Universe is reassuring you that your thoughts are materialistically coming. Sleep comes easier and is more relaxed; taking stress away so you can be more receptive.

6. Sky Formations

Moving closer with the Law of Attraction can be symbolized by positive cloud shapes – like a heart or star. Rainbows signify overcoming an obstacle in life and dream manifestation. Such subtle indications of nature signify that you are aligned with the law of attraction.

“As above, so below.”

7. Arising Opportunities

Finally, resources you need will come together. You will find people and things to accomplish what you want. For positive wishes, things will begin to “sync” up!

If someone asks you what is Law of Attraction, you can also inform them how to look for it!



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